Friday, May 17, 2013

Wouldn’t it nice if what you saw online was the real thing


FYI, yes still looking for the hottest toes in hose for graphics, if interested and you are indeed a lady, email pics to .

Okay wouldn’t it really be nice if what and who you see online really were the real deal. That what they looked like was not a photo taken before they got big gray and fugdugly, but still looked hot. That all those gals that just want to be YOUR FRIEND, on Facebook wanted maybe to be more? That every gal who contacted you online truly, wanted YOU?

How about those dating sites? They all claim they will make your dating and social life better and more streamlined. Thing is when you do sign up you find a whole pasture of ten ton Tessie's that truly should be put out to pasture. Then they could graze until they fall over from the bloat..

How about products? Those just gotta have $20.00 plus $10.00 S&H products, are pretty much only worth $10.00 and the who makes them ought to pay for the shipping.

Oh don’t get me wrong, I think the web has a lot going for it 40% of the traffic for both WyldAyre and HazzardAyre Radio comes from our web streams when it works right, but we make dang good money off the web, the reason is our products and services are what we claim, no more, no less. We can deliver what we claim, ALL the time. But I wonder outside of pure greed why people suck up offers like these like a Hoover on sand.

Granted we as consumers are always looking for bargains, a sale, special % off sale, you dang right. If I can get something from a brick and mortar retailer online for a certain % off I’m in. But the old adage of if it sounds too good to be, it most likely is. But not always. Some solid Dick Tracey work might be needed, but there are grass roots  innovators who don’t have big neon lit marques but can deliver a lot of specialty products and services, that giants can’t. The thing is look for small or medium start ups, that are willing to work with your firm, while you spoon feed and hand hold them as they grow. This can be the threshold of a long term courtship and relationship that can turn gold.

Case n point, and oh yes still looking. Seems as in Idaho and that includes both Boise and Pocatello, only one gal in all of Idaho for a reasonable fee, can build our web site. Her problem is our lady eye candy. But at least she can build it. Right now, I’d love to find somebody in the weeds just starting to work with them to build our site, so that we could have a source a one source for all our IT and web build needs, considering we are looking beyond just radio but an IPTV station that will be the usual in 10 years. Hey people are getting on board with IPTV, two channel line ups come to mind. One is Rabbit TV the other SkyAngel, Sky Angel is more church, less secular drama channels, Rabbit TV amongst others. Rabbit TV organizes IPTV into groupings so you can gain access to the online streams from major cable and satellite networks. Sorry Idaho has little in the way of IPTV streams. KMVT had it for their news but decided to can it as it was not economical for them to continue. But what about a channel dedicated to IPTV, in Idaho? Here in Twin Falls? More over a both OTA(Over The Air) and Streaming at the same time station such as KDXB/KDOH(HazzardAyre/WyldAyre). Those are items for another time but they reasons I’m always looking for partners. Hey I’m a aviation mechanic with a GED that served in the Marines that has a towing service. Sure I know the in front of the mic and studio stuff, but HTML and all that, heck HTML, could mean Hot Tamale for as much as I know.

While I’m trying to build a relationship with a couple of fellers at the River, who knows this stuff its an extended relationship, so finding people that will step up to the plate as well as the mic. But I’m getting off course here.

I’d like to find just 5 of the gals that invite me to be friends on Facebook, that first were truly from THIS area, even 45 miles away even to Boise, that I could really meet.

All those offers from so many , the real safety gig here for them and maybe me, is that 60% or better are what 2000 miles away, its good to be friends because the chance of truly seeing one of them at the Depot for coffee, is a quadrillion to one. A few years ago, Yahoo, had the right idea, they regionalized their friends lists and chat rooms. People you met , were truly within the area YOU were.

Yahoo got rid of chat rooms due to safety and other liabilities, same went for MSN, if you want to chat or such there ya’ll got to pay for it. This does several things, first removes MSN(Microsoft) from and criminal liability in case its some retard trying to get a prey for getting his jollies off, and two should something happen, at least there’s albeit small but a paper trail to the perp.

I just want things to be real, honest, and what they say they is, to be what they is.

At this point still wondering if I should go on this mens getaway that the River Fellowship is doing this weekend. Not that I’m still so tweaked at a few that still just patronized me Wednesday, but weather. According to all reports, its not only going to be wet, but snow. That ain’t camping, or fellowshipping that’s just getting all too many male corpuscles to get sick from flu and colds. Plus I’m broke until Monday, and have a brake master cylinder thing I have to do for another true angel that I met here that is the true meaning of the word, Gods Angel. Plus there’s nobody to cover me on air here. Let ya’ll know about 13:00 today.

In closing, in these days of serious crap online, couldn’t the major players like Google, Facebook, MSN, Yahoo amongst others require proof of their postings before they allow ads to be posted?

The adage shop at home really does, mean a lot at least at home you know who you bought from and what you got.

L8R Aviators,


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