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For one that has a gifted life, and yet I’m still single and alone?

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Testimony services are always that something I try to step away from.

Not that I don’t love hearing how God gets into someone’s life and change it for the better, not that my heart goes out too so many, that have let the enemy in to destroy their lives. But I thought I got away from this when I ditched the LDS Church so many years ago.

The boo, hooing, of mostly women that have been done wrong> Ah bullsbreath. Then I look into myself for a few minutes and think, my I do have the most gifted life of just about and I do mean anybody club member or not that anybody could have.

Put aside the crap of beating my head against the wall for not being able to find the gals for the radio station, or gals to model in tasteful threads>>68603_10151002920814567_1632319855_n

KNYTEHAWKfor nose art for our aircraft ink, no I’m not talking that and looking beyond that , consider , that from birth, I have had within my reach at all times anything and everything I have ever wanted, or needed as far as survival needs and requirements. I had two parents that stuck together from the second they said I do, until both their deaths one in 78(Dad) Mom in 83.

Together they built a mini empire. One of if not the finest livestock ranches in western Idaho, one of the leading farm aviation companies in the Mountain West, all done on love for each other and me and together we were a very loving close family.

I was brought up albeit a bit warped , but good morals, I was brought up on southern gospel teachings, and I was brought up to love others as I love myself. Trouble is, that love is too often rejected and I look and think, was it something I said? Something that I did, or didn’t do. Was my kindness to others and wanting to intercede and help too much? Should I have just stayed out of it, whatever IT is?

I was raised that God didn’t just stayed out. That those gifted as I am, and was have the duty to give back, pay it forward as it is said. So I do.

My only regret is , I messed in my nest 4 times and missed my chance at the bat at the home plate called the wedding alter.

Now that I’m getting older I need that one thing that I can’t just run out and buy, and although I trust in God for everything, I just can’t grasp, that is a loving caring wife.

Now consider my life. For the rest of it, forever it is, I don’t have to lift a single finger except to run down to A1’s office, big C carves out my checks, I cash em all done.

But 1st Timothy says, those that don’t work , shall not eat. Thus its my duty to be productive and serving others. Jesus taught in 3rd Matthew, that we should not ask to be served, but how we might serve, others. As I was gifted with above average intelligence, exceptional vocal skills, skills to build out of metal and wood just about anything, skills in electronics, and of course both aviation and broadcasting.

Yet at first I took a more humble approach as I felt this was the walk Jesus and God wanted me to go, and built hot rods and custom bikes and ran a toew truck. But my love in flying resurfaced in 2005 and well ya’ll know the rest of that story. I have always loved aviation, from my first short hops in Military aircraft as a youth, to the time I built a Mosquito , that’s a one seat mini helicopter, and was flying by age 10. My military career is centered on aviation. When my 4th cousin and I decided to team up in 2005 got together with bean counter Bud, he wrote the checks and in 2006, AyreWolf Aviation was born, nuff said there.

Yet with all of my gifts, abilities, and a heart as big as a C5A Galaxy, I can’t get the time of day let alone a gal with reasonable looks, that will assume the roles of the traditional, wife, that believes and worships God, and will go to church.

There are many I see at Church that could be, there’s one named Josey (I think that’s how her name is spelled) that I’d love to get to know, but for some unknown reason, neither Pastor, nor lady friends I have met in Church or group, will try to do some match making. I’m sorry, but of all my skills, I do not have the skill of striking up a conversation with a gal, without it having to do with the radio station or the club.

Okay sure I’m big, so what ? I wouldn’t even mind if the gal I hooked up with was big, as long as she kept herself up.

So I ask, with all these gals both in and of church and even outside of church, that have been cheated on, beaten, raped by their spouse, left in the middle of the nyte and all of it, why is it that a good solid guy like me is single?

Do I have to be a drugged out drunk, woman beater wanted by the law with a record as long as a dictionary, to get a wife?

For one that has a gifted life as I have and yet I’m still single? Does make one wonder , don’t it.

Will somebody say a few prayers out there for me on this, since me doing it myself is not having much success.

L8R Aviators,


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