Monday, May 13, 2013

A great day in the air


Any time I get the chance to fly, I’m there.

Thus it was this morning at 07”00(7:00 AM ) I got a call from a pal that was rolling south in a Bell Jet Ranger, would I like to fly back up and bring him home?

Does a bear go in the woods?

So Don, picks me up at 08:00 and out to the Twin Falls Airport, and on our way to Arizona.

We had great weather going down, no real wind to speak of except for an advisory, from NOAA we flew without even a single pocket. Two stop and fuels and in Yuma we were. Now for a BlackSheep, going to Arizona, is one thing, going to the Sheep’s pen at MCAS in Yuma, well can’t not. So had lunch there. It was great visiting with other Marine aviators as well as fellow BlackSheep.

We touched down, at 16:00(4:00PM) at TFAP and now while refreshed on one hand, am tired as well.

So tired , I ain’t rolling over to the Church tonight, I’m just too tyred and additionally don’t know if that’s really where I need to be.

Oh I’m going to regular church, on Sunday’s and all , but I’m not as easy with the thoughts of sitting around a table, going through the same bible chapter again, the hearing how bad life is for people.

Hey I’m God’s servant yes, no doubt. I love Jesus beyond measure, but while I love the friendship with a few there including a lady friend or two of mine, I can get a hold of her by phone, email or personal visit, but, planting my fanny in a uncomfortable chair, for two hours hearing nothing but boo-hoo’s, naw ain’t for me. If I’m going to hear boo-hoo’s I want to hear it from returning and resident veterans, here that need a grouping.

When I got told that there was little room for that last night by a certain pastor, lets say my affections for the River Fellowship kind of cooled.

What do you mean there is no room for a veteran’s group at the River? Men and women that have seen, felt, and experienced things civilians will never feel , see, or experience, that could really use the fellowship and Gods, gifts and love, are being told a maybe?

What to do? As always, The AyreWolvez will begin a Veterans, Fellowship, in June, location being determined.

Details at 23:00.

Until then, this old wolf is tyred and needs sleep.

L8R Aviators,

personal3WWA 1

Quote of the Day:
Gambling: The sure way of getting nothing for something.
--Wilson Mizner
Proverbs 31:30“Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the LORD is to be praised.”

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