Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Oh for those that walk blind


There are times that I’d like to grab some people that you know have talent, yet will not look at the light for the forest.

Case n point, a great looking quite intelligent gal shows for an interview last weekend near midnight.

Granted I didn’t do much on air that night as I spent my time talking to her.

Day after she decides to bail. Okay fine. The question is why? What better does she have. Her reason for bailing is the setting the studio and all is in, quite frankly even if it were in a fancy office place would that make a difference? I mean look at the fiasco in Evanston when I took the radio gig out of the shop into a secondary office of all things a foot doctor. Ya’ll know the results of that, $100,000.00 and nose candy bar gal and boyfriend make off with gear, and threads even my underwear. Why? Had to go recover a bus, that went through to the second sister just east of Evanston. I go, so did my gear. Lota good that fancy office did. Same kind of thing, happened in Gooding , nice office that the heat never worked in and whose foundation was on a sink hole, but hey cosmetics right, public and especially women, feel more at ease in an office. What ever happened to just trusting someone?

Now true I’d like to have a fancy studio in twin, and when and if I find 6 gals, 4 for the week, 2 for weekend, trained, skills polished , and after a two month lets make sure period, you damn well bet we’ll be in a fancy place, one is being negotiated anyway, right next to Anchors, the owner is not yet back from his savatical, so I wait. She who trains with us now in house gets job in a month or two in fancy studio tomorrow. That simple.

Up to this point however and I’m still shakey on it, that I didn’t get another facility is why? Here at the house, the mini board is here, studio connections here, everything's here. Something goes sour even on my off air hours, I can jump up, fix the problem, and its done. The reason Confederate Steele has done as well as it has even in an economic slump, when other smaller broadcast operations have folded is not to spend un-needed. We already pat $250.00 a month in rent and power in Buhl. As soon as something good opens up housing wise over there, so there will I be. Which is why I’d like to train somebody here now in Twin, so she could take over here when I relocate by this fall or so, but there are all too many who walk blind, that have been abused somehow, in life,work or both. Then there is the fear of the nasty.

Okay our guys are bikers with wings, yes our hair is long, and no we do not walk around with an Elder pin on our suit. But I challenge anyone, anywhere to find someone or a firm that is kinder or more open minded, likewise flexible to off hours, needing time away and just plain morally square. Yet one gal is still looking for work, her financial needs are serious. The fact that if she’s adopted by the FC(Flight-Club) like another has been , needs are met, things are taken care of and life gets better. But hey she’s her.

Then there’s the gal, who came whose mom or grand mom  manages the local Arby’s here. Now several things happen here. One the club members, their family’s will never eat there again and boycott the facility, two she looses a career opportunity not just a job, and 3 all respect for another gal, who thinks her virtue, will be somehow be violated.

Perhaps if we just became a Disney Radio station, heck might as well, its already a dang zoo here.

What can I say, both reputations and memories of old are never forgotten, even though we are taught to forgive as Jesus and God would do, we sadly as humans don’t.

But like many, and I’ll bet you, your next annual inspection, the hour that strikes that KDXB fires full strength, those who turned their backs will be the first looking in wanting to then become part. The answer will be , we’ll call you back.

That call may never come.

L8R Aviators,


Quote of the Day:
Your heart often knows things before your mind does.
--Polly (Pearl) Adler
Psalm 139:13-14“For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.”

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