Monday, May 13, 2013

A little bit of this, a little bit of that but which one will you choose?


It’s finally cooling off, can’t imagine I’d be saying that after the deep freeze wet spring, but Summer or warm is here finally.

As such getting in the mood groove to go on air, l8r 2nyte so I was looking over the Internet, for stuff to ratchet jaw on and saw this one on of Stocking Girls page>>lazy this is well below Stocking Girls quality, and I’ve been following them for years now. Mostly because they have pics that I can scalp, for my own graphics. Hey if ya’ll can’t find em locally you pirate where you can. So then got to scanning Yahoo. saw a thing up with some of the hot trucks of the previous years. Looks like trucks, especially vintage hot rod trucks are making a comeback, more on that in a few clicks. So then there was a article on hot outfits from some Hollywierd gig, that said this was hot>>AnneHathaway-050813-jpg_200438Naw that ain’t hot, no nylons, no heels with style, just yuck, and I politely told em so in the comments file. So what is hot?

Check this out,>150921_586721708009255_1992568965_nNow she’s hot, not over done, not slutty, but classy, and has the right package.

Kinda what we look for in our talent searches. Which I wish was not so drawn out. What I would give for the ability like we had in Utah, when we fired AyreWolfFM up. One call to an agency, in Provo Utah, six gals show up, pics taken air checks done them paid out the door.

People have asked me why I fight for Idaho like I do, since in many ways I could ball up the state and put Idaho in a trash can, if I had the ability to.

Reason, outside of the treasured times in the south where my Uncle Robert lives in Macon, Georgia, my Uncle Bill in Conyers GA, I sadly was raised in a split between Utah and Idaho. Of those two I was sadly born in Idaho.

I saw what could happen in this valley in the 1970’s and 80’s when folks put down their clickish, territorial ways and work together. I saw a 1975 CB/truckers Jamboree in Filer attract nearly 100,000 people, including cops on the CB, SAR outfits who used CB, plus my biker bro’s , air bro’s it was one big 4 day 3 night gig that was stupendous. If you couldn’t get laid in the area at that event , you really were queer.

We had people from Canada, Australia, all over. I met many, got what we called wallpaper, or QSL cards and we all had one thing in common, good old CB.

That’s just an example, of what a small group called the TeenAge Truckers Association , Now the United American, Independent Truckers Association that is the parent organization of both the Knytes-of-Anarchy and us in the AyreWolvez/Wynged Warriors, can do.

Back then of course finding sweet hiney for pictorials wasn’t no big deal, as so many were not running around scared. Today it’s a concern. But why then is there not an agency or resource in our area for just that, talent for commercials and video photography? Make my life much easier. Then I’d not have to put ads on CraigsList, open my house, risk getting arrested and so on, I could just call the agency, get some head shots, pic a few get the job done, pay the agency no problem.

Same goes for our radio gig.

I’d love to have a local course on even broadcast basics, this would provide a pool of on air talent , not just for us, but every radio station in the area. But what do I get? Mucho crap from CSI, and others.

Look its not to build our area to be something its not or will be. I’d just like to see Twin Falls and even the area, step up to the plate, and become something to be known for besides, a Yogurt plant, and taters.

Hey it’s my state, my region, and the secondary purpose of the AyreWolvez is to make our communities better, I want to start with mine, Twin Falls.

More on the truck thing l8r.

Keep It Wings Level,

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