Friday, June 21, 2013

Wake up Wolvez

FROM THE WOLFS LAIRpappy's lawg master

Here on the tarmac, got news that the Summit at Jackpot got snubbed due to not enough room for it all there for all of the HCS. However it might be possible to squeak in a Reunion Summit for the AyreWolvez only, I will keep you informed.

Looking into other locations for the HCS, but have nothing to report on this front. However does nothing to worry about mates as its not set until mid year next year anyway and much of it will be determined on my own home HQ, as that is still on the HUD, so again will keep you informed.

Heard from another Sheep, will verify information, maybe a new Wolf in the pack.

Last nights meeting was a bit hostile, and I admit, I was not surprised. However understand the Wolvez are not in our home forest here in the Tragic Valley so this is to be expected. For newcomers here, The Knytes-of-Anarchy is western Idaho, the AyreWolvez normally prowl Eastern Idaho, Wyoming and Utah. Additionally Arizona and Colorado. To expect this to be none turbulent skys here is not being realistic. Yes AirPower is in Jerome, yes the club started in Jerome, and that may indeed unpack a different set of abilities should we engage from that point might be worthwhile. But as it is the Wolvez remain HQ’d in Utah, with this sub charter, in American Falls. But will continue to look for a home HQ here in our area. Looking more at Gooding for that but we’ll see.

Still working on the Ayre part of HazzardAyre Radio/TV, with bringing on Dixie Diesel Trucker TV, but will begin work on Warbyrd TV in late 14 early 15. The op will most likely be anchored in Salt Lake City or at least metro Utah.

Finally, plans are still on the boards for the BlackSheep/AyreWolvez reunion/ayreshow , just trying to find a hosting airport near a semi metro area to host it. Most likely not possible in Idaho, looking at Tooele or Wendover Utah late 15.

Keep it wings level

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