Thursday, May 16, 2013

Newly wed doubts

AyreWolf Knytecide hedder

So , I’m on my way out to go do the weekly Wednesday church thing, and a gal who I’ve been ratchetjawing with out of MH, on Facebook calls, wants to have java. No biggy so I invite her to Church. Tell her how to get there,. So I left.

Got there and felt like a pimp inside a nuns camp. I mean really , while its still in many ways like the second and third thoughts one gets after getting hitched, it should have subsided by now. is this God quietly speaking to me saying, don’t go there?

Not that I’d trade the few friendships I have made there for anything, but I’m starting to think, maybe going after setting up the Church of Confederate Star is more urgent than I had anticipated.

Then the sweet gal, who does my laundry from church and all, her little daughter AJ, comes up and because I would tend to her as I was trying to chat with the pastor comes and kicks me in the shin, I thought, nothing of it, but to an adult, who she don’t know very well, very disrespectful. No big deal, so I let it pass. I can tell you this, and I might be standing in line, but if this gals mom weren’t already deeply involved and building on rebuilding the once torn relationship. I’d dive in on her like a Corsair on a Jap zero. But hey a good lady friend none the less, but I did find myself growling a bit at the guy trying to squeeze in there. Women don’t always see this another guy much wiser does. A Poser? Perhaps. Stay tuned on that one.

So got home, directed the lady friend over cell to the Depot, had coffee, ideologically speaking we differ but a nice people, she want to set up a MC Trike shop. Under the right conditions that wouldn’t be a bad thing for the club to get involved in. Only real condition as it is, would be me moving to MHI(Mountain-Home-Idaho) and there is no damn way I’m doing that. Even if Selena Gomez invited me to a party there with her being naked would I ever, ever, go to Mountain Home. Even if God told me to go to Mountain Home, I still wouldn’t go to Mountain Home, I’d rather burn in hell, and from what I went through there, there ain’t much difference in hell and Mountain Home.

So got home, here to the Wolf’s Lair, broke as a skunk, until Friday. I usually get some money from Big C on Wednesday’s but by the time I got in from going to Utah Wednesday morning even though I wanted to go to sleep, I got in just in time to shower, change clothes grab bible, reading glass’s and head out. So I never made to the office, so no pay until Friday.

Then find out from the rascals organizing this men's getaway, that one needs a sleeping bag, and so on. Couldn’t they have put a needs list on the back or attached to the sign up sheet for this thing? So you’d know what to bring? I’m starting to think that the River Fellowship Church thing is Mormons without suits & Ties. And serves coffee. Not much else is different , but I could be wrong. Going to stick with them a while longer, but second thinking this getaway thing.

With that in mind and no one to sub for me on air here, staying home and getting things done this weekend might be the right thing to do, let ya’ll know about mid day Friday.

Sitting at home on the corner with more nightly cop busts than any part of Twin Falls.

Stay Tuned,

L8R Aviators;


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Adversity attracts the man of character. He seeks out the bitter joy of responsibility.
--Charles de Gaulle
Zephaniah 3:17“The LORD your God is with you, the Mighty Warrior who saves. He will take great delight in you; in his love he will no longer rebuke you, but will rejoice over you with singing.””

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