Friday, May 10, 2013

I thank God Every day

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Every day when I crawl out of the bed, I thank God for the day. and that it is mine to do what I will.

I thank god, for the life he has gave me unspoiled, and unpolluted.

I then pray for the ability to forgive those all too fried in their minds to remember even the smallest of details, like my phone number. How can anybody not see that. Its written in big numbers on the fenders of my truck, I have gave it numerous times, how hard is it to think that the last 4 numbers of my phone number spells W-O-L-F?

I then pray to God for the ability to both forgive and restrain myself from being very understanding of both Yankee stupid, as well as drug and alcohol, stupid.

Then I thank god, that I never had that problem. In fact the times I ingested anything was cannabis, and that was just after Moms death. Outside of that my alcohol intake is minimized to a few beers I have at our club events, at the anchor, that I no longer go to, and a few beers during NASCAR on TV.

I thank God every day, that the ONLY thing I have on any criminal record is having left foot idice. That 100 plus run down Hagerman’s main street, and the 90 days jail ordered by both Mom and the judge cured me of ever wanting to see the inside of a cell, again.

I thank God every day for so many things, including not taking ANYTHING for granted, because he and he alone can take it from you any time HE wants to. That God is boss, and I’m not. Do you know that when you walk around like the head rooster that you are sinning? Do you realize that when you cuss out that idiot, who cut you off on Blue Lakes, that your committing the sin of Idolatry? You are saying in a sense that you or I am better than another, that’s self worship, and that’s not glory you should be giving to God.

I have to grab that every day, and I pray I’ll be forgiven and I know I will be, but I have issues all the time of our southern pride that creates a sense of Confederate superiority. That means worshiping myself not God.

Sure I see myself in many ways as the Alpha Wolf here, and was gave that title by a former boss once, I am in command but only to a small degree, since God is the one really in command, I’m his loyal servant, and must work every day to keep my feet planted on solid ground , while I fly at 10,000 feet.

Had to go to Oregon to bid a spraying job, body is done for, I’ll see ya’ll in the PM Friday.

Thank god I’m not an addict or ever have been, thank God, I’m not an alcoholic or ever have been, thank you God for letting me live another day, and thank you God for the love and prosperity I get from you every day. I pray Dear God, you’ll keep me patient, and tolerant of all that are struggling, and let me show your love to others through me as I help others, even though they do not heed my words, or come by as they say they will.

Love you God for you loving me.

L8R Aviators,


Quote of the Day:
Comedy is tragedy plus time.
--Carol Burnett
Matthew 18:15“[Dealing With Sin in the Church] “If your brother or sister sins, go and point out their fault, just between the two of you. If they listen to you, you have won them over.”

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