Thursday, May 9, 2013

NyteCyde Part 2

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I got up for this?>>images The amount of mere intelligence that is in the mind of most people now days is amazing.

Got a service call, all the way out to the Oasis truck stop. Gal calls says battery died.

So I grabbed my goody box, and out I went. Got there, and all that was wrong was the small screw that goes inside the battery terminal had came loose.

I diagnosed this, from the fact all pieces to the electrical system was operating okay. So I tightened the screw. But I normally would charge $25.00 to hop a car. This time I was in sympathy mode so I charged $10.00 , came home and now getting ready for bed.

Most people in cars do not think like a pilot. We inspect everything before we go airborne, every time. There is no room for oops in the air. While flying if something goes ary there is no way you can just pull over and fix it. Things go oops in the air means the possibility of meeting God much sooner than you might have intended.

This area was in years gone by a area of farm people. Now most if not all farm people know at least the very basics to what makes a vehicle work. Even new computerized rides still have the same basic systems. Checking things like batter connections etc is just common sense. Yet less than 10 out of 20 people of both genders have any vehicle mechanical smarts.

If your going to drive you should at least have a small amount of at least basic mechanical skills training. At least to fix a tire.

But I want to take this a bit further to my friends at the River Fellowship. Do you realize that less that 4 people in our Monday group, realize there is both a radio and TV station in that building delivering the lords teachings? Less than 4. It’s nearly like saying you know God, without ever having picked up the bible. Maybe our Pastor needs to take small groups of the congregation on mini tours of the broadcast operations at the church. But here’s the big one, less than even that 4, ever watch the Churches stations.

Don’t get me wrong, the messages delivered are great the programming for the most part is right on, but shouldn’t the congregation support the churches TV stations?

The one thing I will hand off to the Mormon church is, come both spring and fall conferences, all will just about all, tune into conference on TV.

Now I have offered to promote the broadcast operations of the church on both HazzardAyre and WyldAyre, but the request goes unanswered. The more I go to the River, the more I get this inner calling of forming the Confederate Star Church. Outside of a mere few, that I’ll call friends, there at the River, the rest of that congregation, treat me like the skunk in the hen house. Granted I will admit I am the Wolf in amongst the sheep, but this wolf ain’t going to eat little red riding hood. Granted my clothes might be a bit ripe, since since I moved from Burley I haven’t been to the dang laundry mat, first I don’t know which one to go to, and second, going when there are tons of small children present , my nerves are not accustomed to that so, I tend to growl at such places. It’s why I never unless I have to, go to the grocery store during the day. Again, mothers, with babies and unwed mothers just about to drop, and don’t get me started on the mini Tijuana , mini Mexico problem. I have nothing against Mexicans but I tend not to intermix, reason being on the whole many of our Mexican brothers while hard working have criminal records as well, we’ll leave it at that.

Then it makes me a bit upset that all these good white gals hooking up with Mexican guys. Again I suppose its okay, how about one of those Chiquita's getting tight with the old Wolf here?

This makes about as much sense as a dog trying to breed a Wolf, (sorry Wolves) yes to a mere degree that the wolf is a canine, and while the same species, a wolf will find another shewolf.

And humans are supposed to be the higher developed species? A species that can’t figure out that her battery terminal is loose, can’t fix a tire and intermixes with other races.

In this case, it don’t make common sense.

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