Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Fear of the unknowing

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I had the most awkward exchange on Facebook, awhile ago as I put WyldAyre Radio in the hangar for the nyte.

The thing went as a few of those there on Facebook, that are of the opposite gender, sure must want to cuddle up with me or something. Really? I never ever have looked at it that way, and quite frankly, never would. The people that you meet online , not all but many are a front. Much of what hey claim to be is 10% real, the rest inflated. Why who knows? But the bottom line is, just because somebody buddies up with you on Facebook or any other social site, is not going to sleep with you. And even if one surprisingly did want to. Its not in Gods eyes to do so, from the sin of adultery to the sin of fornication, no way for me. Thinking that some gal is warming up to hit the home run on such sites is at best a dream, like I see Selena Gomez online telling me about her next concert date, that don’t mean Justin Beaver is going to get kicked to the curb and Selena is going to show up here at the Wolf’s Lair.

The free sex movement though that many of us enjoyed in the late 1960’s, 70’s, and mid 80’s is gone. Gone by mostly the fears of STD’s. Not thinking of the big deal, pregnancy.

I hear both in church and out of it and seen it on display way too much, are stories of unwed or nearly so, with babies from drug sex, and unbridled passion.

Oh sure I myself like a quick romp in the sack once in awhile, but since I lost Jan, mostly due to infidelity, it taught me that until there’s a ring on the finger, there ain’t going to be anything else cept maybe a hug.

No way, if I need my jollies fulfilled , it’s a gallon of oil, full tank of fuel, and $200.00 or so in my pocket. Then round trip to Wells Nevada to Miss Donna’s. No harm no foul. Beyond that this Harley ain’t getting ridden.

Yes she looks good, standing there in her hot shorts, boots and tank top. All that lip gloss, and war paint. But at the end of the evening, despite Hollywierds depictions, her breath is going to smell like a septic tank, and all that eye make up is going to make her look like a raccoon, next morning. If she’s sick with a hangover, are you going to stand there holding her hair back while she hurls?

Next time you looking to drop that tool in there for fun , look at her very carefully, think of her bald headed, with a baby in the oven, bet you reconsider and just buy another beer and watch NASCAR, you’ll be better off. God will be pleased with you as well.

Any mile duty will be calling in 4 hours so catching needed z’s.

Until L8R Aviators,

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