Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Hollywierd keeps trying

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Hollywierd keeps trying.

I gleaned from some early morning cyber flying that some of the old production staff of Airwolf is going after making a documentary on the old mid 80’s TV show that is our groups name sake, and my in air call sign. But here’s my thought, with so many of these FoX and other networks screwing the pooch on series, especially this past year, instead of just a documentary, how about doing up a pilot episode of the old show with a new cast, and pitch it to some networks. Like say do Airwolf in the same concept as Sons of Anarchy and pitch it to FX.

By the same flight plan, there was always going to be a full length movie on the VMF214 BlackSheep, that was to star Robert Mitchum, thing never did really gain any altitude with any of the major studios in Hollywierd.

But why stop? Why not build that and pitch the idea to a movie studio today? A real life not hero, as Pappy said, Show me a hero and I’ll prove he’s a bum, but telling the true story of the 214, not just Pappy’s would be a barn burner of a movie.

After all look at what’s going on around you. Hollywierd has been remaking series into both movies and updates since the Writers strike of 2007. That strike stopped a lot of the film industries creativity and momentum. But there have been some great pictures since. JJ Abrams reworking of Star Trek for instance. Now that the movie is a hit and its sequel due out soon if not already, why not do the movie into a series?

I was reading how many series got the axe this past season, its humorous on one hand, and not surprising on the other. Lets give the people what they want. Military film enthusiasts and there are more than you think, and us into flying would fly to a theater, just to see the movie on the BlackSheep as well as a full movie of Airwolf, more over I’d get cable from Cable One, again, if I heard Airwolf was coming back on.

Which brings me to a thing on loyalty.

Loyalty is a fading commodity, just because you gain loyalty once does not mean it will stay, especially if that loyalty is tarnished by simple acts of promises made but not kept, or by an insult. In life a waitress that you see everyday for coffee, says she’ll call but never does, or at a bar or club, you go in , pitch an idea she says great I’ll call, but then has excuse after excuse.

In films and TV, fan pages on social sites etc are great, even if you have personally known the cast , just a few times on the ignore button, and a fan, that buys the dvd, or a cd, don’t buy no more.

I met one in late March that lives up to my loyalty she called, got songs and assistance and I’m a fan as well as supporter for life. However over at the DOH camp, there is no return emails, or phone calls, even if it is that such an event as DukesFest will put money and renewed fame back in their pockets. While I do have now for me and HazzardAyre/WyldAyre a publicist, still every fan letter , every correspondence I do myself. Because you are why I do what I do. If it was not for you , there’d be no need .

If Hollywierd wants more income, stars want more paying projects, and bigger box office draws, then Hollywierd needs to re-earn our loyalties.

That means looking into their hardened skulls, and making the kinds of films we all need and want.

But you have to give em credit sort of in that at least, Hollywierd Keeps Trying.

Oh and to help in the production of the Airwolf documentary, cyber fly over to www.airwolfmusic.com and click on the link, for donations.

L8R Aviators,


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