Monday, July 16, 2012

Monday’ Morning Java


Good Morning from the Wolvez Den, on this overcast Monday morning.

Watched a heck of a movie on Disney, while prepping for tonight's radio show on KDXB and the WyldAyre Radio Network.

So then was watching Morning Joe on MSNBC. First they played some music through a Segway into commercial. The tune? Cocaine by Eric Clapton, just music or was there a hidden message like maybe a few hosts on that show snorting some nose candy?

Okay then, they ran a political ad for Obama against Mitt Romney. This was a key point, and it makes some sense. The problem is this, the American people do not have a choice this election. If one votes for Obama we get more of this trashy gig we have went through over the last 4 years. If we vote Romney in , who knows? Nobody is talking issues , like trucking regs, air regulations concerning new entry pilots which the industry is going to need as predicted 400,000 new pilots, to meet future needs. Sure drone aircraft is the gig now up to a point, but no branch of service is saying that the guy or gal in that cockpit seat going to get replaced. Even if the enemy is shot by the drone, some human is going to have to go see and confirm that hit.

Of course, farm issues are not being spoken of during this election period.

My opinion? Still is, and will always be, not Republican, or Democrat but Confederate National Party, that no mainstream media is covering or speaking of.

This isn’t just me howling here. If one goes to the place I go to get inspired , , click on the listen now link then scroll down and enable the streaming player. You’ll get a wealth of information that NO ONE is talking about except the CNP/SOCV.(Sons of Confederate Veterans). If we wanted to elect someone Ray McBerry the CEO of Dixie Broadcasting, would get my vote. Ray, ran unsuccessfully for Governor of Georgia, but I think, he would make a great President. Maybe in 2016? The fact that Washington DC is so corrupt and just plain evil, and practicing Government by the dollar bill, rather than the Government by the people, scares me to death.

There is a solution here, it’s the UCSA and the Confederate National Party, hey we have tried it the Union’s way for nearly a 100 years, it ain’t worked. Lets do it the Confederate way.

Somebody asked me on my overnight show, about why of all things we have under the umbrella of AyreWolf Aviation from Hazzard County Choppers to Dixie Toewing, why it is AyreWolf Aviation does not buy TV or and advertising. Reason is, AyreWolf Aviation hasn’t needed any advertising since its formation in 2002. Between or agricultural aviation, air rescue, air freight and of course, fire suppression, we are grossing in the altitude of income, right under $30,million a year. Not a big amount by some standards but still steady. Hey do you think SSA and my Military pension is what I live on? Every year around November, all of us involved in AyreWolf Aviation, divide up our earnings and out goes the checks, mine through the AyreWolvez but I still get it. Hey I don’t mind paying my share of taxes, but until the Government starts spending it on what its for, I’m not in the mood to pay em anything. So I don’t.

Did you hear about the London, bash on Paul McCartney and the Boss? Yep apparently at 22:30Hours there, the London fuzz pulled the plug. How dare they. If this had been a royal wedding party not a single muscle would have twitched.

Until L8R Aviators

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Colossians 2:9-10“For in Christ all the fullness of the Deity lives in bodily form, and in Christ you have been brought to fullness. He is the head over every power and authority.”

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