Monday, July 30, 2012

Wolf Prowl

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Finally home after a great evening with some of you in the Wolf Pack.

The JD is still burning my insides , I think there was more than Jacks recipe in there.

Heard over the radio that it seems that there is something we have put off.

The Miss AyreWolf and the AyreWolvez SheWolvez project for 2013.

With the heavy amount we are planning for club promotion the need this year is more than in past years.

So if you happen to know of a honey that is of a military background, or has an attitude that can stand being around a few of us UCSMC Aviators, and who wants to put some serious dollars in her jeans have her get in touch after this Wednesday at 208-212-9653, or by email , .

We are talking a base of $150.00 per hour plus, on camera, and $50.00 an hour off camera.

In addition a $200k, modeling contract, $100k college scholarship .

Deadline is September 1st 2012, so get your nominations in promptly.

Going to be off line for a few weeks as we get the new wiring installed for Knytes Hall, The Wolf’s Den and HCC. Should be up around mid month, or the 26th or so.

Finally as I close, I noticed something that was kinda spooky , the premier of season 5 of SOA is on the 11th of September. Which is when reversed 9-11. Accident? You be the judge.

I’ll be doing my final radio show for the month Tuesday, here. Will not be back on air doing AyreWolf Radio , until September 1st.

Until Monday afternoon.

L8R Aviators,

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Quote of the Day:
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--Bertrand Russell
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