Monday, July 23, 2012

Relieved on the fly


After a morning of pure nonsense with two dudes that are questionable at best , I finally lit at the Wolf’s Den. Got a posting from Sister, and all is okay there, except we need to get someone in front of a camera now. Press and such deadlines, not to mention the rest of the Wolf-Pack is breathing down my neck.

So Sis, if ya’ll can’t do it right now get me someone who can.

As many of you know or maybe ya’ll don’t the biggest air show for us hobbyists is this weekend at Oshkosh Wisconsin. EAA throws this bash each year and it gets better and bigger. Two years ago we almost lost big Jack at the show on a none towered landing , but thankfully he survived.

As usual I can’t go, duty schedule, and lack of personal funds as well as people and equipment to cover the toew side of things has me grounded. Next year to be sure, hopefully with lil Sis , doing the flying out there.

Cleared the bigger shop for all things MC and toew, through HQ for the MC. So on a good flight path there.

I just wish LiL Sis would have just gave me a jingle or came over, and let me know what was up.

Okay then, I smell, need a shower, more on the over night flyte.

L8R Aviators


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