Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Some people are annoying, especially when you call their bluff


So got to the house yesterday after sweating at the printers getting HazzardAyre this publications cousin out. But we got r done at 20:00 hours so now its just bundle and ship.

So get home grab some grub and see on my email, that Bryanna is rather put off by our posting of news etc of the club on her FaceBook Wall.

Might I remind the little vixen, that it was She that asked to be my friend on FaceFart, it was HER that said she wanted to be the clubs local poster girl, it was SHE that liked the postings on her wall.

What she get a change of mind? Did all of a sudden did the light go on? That she is dealing with something she might not want to be. Glad I did not schedule any TV or video shoots this time. Typical of the area , even Buhl, and why I no longer live there. Plus why that radio station is being moved to Jackpot Nevada, and why areas like Boise are growing and the West End of Twin Falls County, and even over on the east side of the valley here in Burley is dying. At some point people need to pull their head out of their ass. More over teens and near teens, need to not befriend people online especially FaceBook, that they can plainly see, is 25 years older than they are, not accept EMPLOYMENT offers when they don’t plan on carrying them out, plus don’t tell someone or a club such as us, that your coming over on the weekend , keep everybody waiting then don’t show the frack up. Damn it, a quick phone call will git-r-done. Just say can’t make it, don’t want to be in this etc, even a month ago saying such, don’t drag it out.

But any way filed the application of Bryanna in file 13, defriended her and as I can figure out how, get her out of all the FaceBook groups of the club, she’ll be out.

Like I said looking forward to have the resources at my finger tips in Boise to launch what ultimately be WYLD AYRE.

Okay then.

So I get in a 23:30 hours previous night, get on the crapper, and begin to unwind when ring a ling ling, the phone. So by the time I wipe, and get to the phone they hang up. Okay, fine. So start to get in the shower, guess what, boom, boom , boom on the damn door. So again, I get my USMC shorts on get to the damn door, and nobody there.

Talk about people who are annoying.

If you call, stay on the damn phone long enough so I can get to it and answer it, if you beat on the damn door, let me get decent, after all its not like the Sheep’s Pen where all are guys and all have seen it b4. Or where you can run around in your tiddy whites and nobody cares although in the Solomon’s our undies were mostly off tan style, makes em blend in with the camo nets over the tents and so Japs couldn’t pick you out to fire on you. At least that was the theory. In reality when I was there, the 214 today still maintains that area of the South Pacific, but when I was there, the off tan underwear was more to thwart off mosquitos that were as big nearly as hummingbirds in the states.

Any way I’d like to stay awake longer, but have an evening flight, so need some sleep, plus file flight plans etc. Until L8R this afternoon to evening,

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