Monday, July 30, 2012

Intelligence and ability scares Mini Cassia to death.


In the STNG series it was commented on more than just about all of Starfleet regulations.

The item I’m talking is the Prime Directive. Which has in its contents, do not try or attempt to introduce advanced intelligence to lesser beings.

For 7 years I have tried everyway but Sunday and even Sunday, to get the Mini Cassia area of Idaho, to shift out of reverse and no go gear into go forward lets get at it gear.

I have tried to get the local citizens to look beyond their Mormon noses and see that having a hot honey around here posing with hotter rides, be it truck, warbird, or bike, in flattering and not trashy threads is not wrong.

Do I get listened to? No.

Of course my name is not Lynch so my name or me in short am not walking in the so called Nifty, Ten here. I’m not from one of the honored and obeyed families, although I should be. After all , Lynch’s Dad did not go into partnership with George of the Ponderosa, Inn. But MY Dad did. My family and all are owed over $50,million, in back payments, but guess what? I ain’t seen a cent of that money.

An associate the other day, Dale, says, somebody he knows offered him $7k for him to get the club out of Mini Cassia. Guess what, he wouldn’t have to. Shit somebody give me $7k, both trucks and all I own will be packed and me moved to Boise, faster than LuLu Hogg, scarfing down chocolate. As far as ever returning shit I’ll drive around the forking area to Utah if I need to.

I have no problem leaving, my problem is staying put, and trying to be mental health worker counselor to one, Marriage counselor to another, job coach to another . The only one that showed up to get down and greasy is OJ. Dale says he’s going to contribute money, but he got paid, the other day, and gave me $10.00 , blew the rest. The situation did not sit well with club officers. Most of which says, get my rigs together, and blow this pop stand in May. I may not wait that long. The crew was supposed to show this morning, by 10:45 hours no show. Shit early morning and late night is when its cool enough to work.

We have $1,000.00 repair job, is anyone out there to help? No. Which means I’ll end up doing it. But when the rest of the goofy crew wants green for their jeans, no work, no money.

In fact I’m thinking of keeping only two maybe three of this crew on. Jordan, OJ, Danny. And giving the rest the boot.

Let ya’ll know Tuesday.

Still trying to decide on the move, to Terry’ there’s more to that than is on the cover.

Headed to the shop.



Quote of the Day:
When all else fails, read the instructions.
--Cahn's Axiom
also known as RTFM (Read The F'in Manual)
Matthew 5:14,16““You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden. In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.”

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