Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Imagine giving a retired warbird enthusiast a modern attack helicopter?

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Imagine a military aviation enthusiast buying a modern era attack helicopter? Imagine if this was not just a dream but within reach. Now imagine those in the area who are bitter with the Wolf-Pack and me, finding me in a Cobra above their heads with full working guns?

Impossible you say? Not really, saw on a warbird brokers site one for sale, doing some dealing , byrd is in the air. Oh did I say this helo has rocket pods?

Hey it ain’t the lady although that too is in the works, but a Cobra fully functional even with military avionics still on board and working in my hands.

Okay then onto some Wolf-Pack business.

While admission to the Knytes-of-Anarchy is very restrictive a more genial entry into the KOA is through the AyreWolvez Military Aviation. Whose membership is open to all who love vintage and classic military aviation and/or warbirds of all kinds. Plus the history that made those birds infamous as well as historic. Whether its our RC or table top aviators youth program aka the Wolf-Pups, or the more aggressive version of us who truly rebuild, restore and really fly the real thing. From that Cobra or a Corsair and many in between, this is us. Now true there is the Wolvez inner circle, but where few can be members of the Knytes the AyreWolvez can or could be an alternative.

What this means , later but there is changes coming as to me and involvement.

L8R Aviators

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