Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sunday at the Wolf’s Den

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Sitting when I should be running is not my normal condition.

However mother nature being the unpredictable witch she is, and me walking ever so reluctantly into the mud pits of Father Time, the unforgiving heat that has been building towards an even colder winter has me concerned for this years toewing season.

Its my thing that if its summer, I’m usually flying, of some sort. Crop dusting, fire suppression, air freight , but this year climbing out of an cesspool of a economic quagmire , working in a near completely obliterated depressed community, that has their heads up their ass so far they can taste the back of their teeth with the front of their tung I’m more in the mood to just sit back for a day to collect my gray matter to enable me to engage moving process’ Monday to Terry’ place.

The fact that I even need to hire mid 20 something's that have hardly any experience in or much desire to be part of a facility that is gear related , is one of those wonderments.

Considering I hear from all too many sources and colleeges saying we need more jobs, is truly wrong.

Granted ours is not a 9:00 to 16:00 hours sit down 4 day a week gig. yes it means getting greasy. But it’s a job. There are I repeat ARE tons of good paying jobs. The problem is there are all too many people satisfied with sitting on their six collecting some sort of Government hand out, not hand up, but hand out, either state or Federal, and getting fat, and dumb.

There is little to unclog their minds. Much less unlock their bodies from a sit down do nothing existence to a get after it, Git-R-Done life.

How then even if we did get more jobs , do we get people to work?

I have had a solution that makes all too much sense.

If Obama and even this clown Romney if he gets elected, which he might considering he’s Mormon and Mormons will vote for him. And unfortunately there are more of them than there are of us.

But either one, if they’d give a hand up, of $1, million bucks. To every citizen in America and said, here’s your benefit. Unless there is a real, and it’d dang well better be a real reason, that you can’t work, here’s a million bucks, buy a house, new car or truck, start a business, go to school what ever. But this is it. You don’t get no more.

No SSi, no Food stamps, or all that, just a one time, million dollar give away by the Feds, to every man or woman in this nation, with the conditions of it being a one time thing.

Then we all could restart lives, boost the economy, and so on.

To hell with giving money to these bankers, and executives of big corporations , to bail them out. Lets give our people one million, and shift the nation from going nowhere to running at impulse speed.

Went over to Terry’ place, here are two teen era aged kids, sitting there. The first thing one asks, is , did I have any weed? For all he knew I could have been the heat.

I look at our young people today, and I’m so damn scared of the future.

If we don’t get some self correction action going in our schools, parents taking some action in the homes. North Korea and other nations, might as well move in and set up camp , because these kids will be so stoned and completely mentally blank, that we wont have a military. Shit we’re already letting queers in the Marines and Navy. Heck last week , there was a GAY parade celebrating queers in the US Military. I know we’re hard up for troops, and sailors, but there is a serious detriment in putting or allowing queers in.

Is this the sort of liberalism you want for this nation ? It don’t matter Republican or Democrat, this crap from both parties has to stop. We need the morally proper conservatism of our southern movement to heal the wounds.

We need to get the message of the CSA in front of every man, woman and young voter in the nation. No matter if your in Alabama , or Georgia or Utah or Idaho, and even California, lets get the messages the needed lessons and information in our schools and churches.

If you believe as I do, help us.

I know wallets are tight right now, but hey dig in your state allocation of funds this month, pull out a $5.00 or $10.00 , put that in an envelope and mail it to: AyreWolvez Aviation Association/ CSA education fund, 321 west Main , Burley Idaho 83318.

I get flack from people and commanders in the SOCV(Sons of Confederate Veterans) all the time. Thing is I applaud them, and their service od salutation and all, but out west here, the same southern movement flavor and spirit is in front of all every day. I make damn sure it is. Hell The Knytes-of-Anarchy and the AyreWolvez invested nearly $800,000.00 since January, $500k of that was buying a radio station , the rest we are making videos and presentations.

We need the help of all of those out there that say we ain’t taking it no more. Will that be you?

The freedom you protect and the liberty you defend with us , might be your freedom, and your liberty.

Doing laundry

More overnight.



Quote of the Day:
The person who is not hungry says that the coconut has a hard shell.
--African Tribal Saying
Psalm 119:93“I will never forget your precepts, for by them you have preserved my life.”

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