Thursday, July 19, 2012

From the AyreShaq personal files


So I put this question up on this thing called Project Experience, kinda like a Yahoo Answers thing.

The question of why does all these hottie looking super honeys, go for these guys that look like a hound dog, and smell about like one?

The answers I got were many, of the , women look beyond looks, or abstractly and more likely more accurate, He has a big slong and a larger bank roll.

If the other answers of around 23 were accurate I should have a bunch of beauties clamoring at the old Wolf’s Door here.

Some gals say I just look like a Predator. I once even thought(still am) of getting Predator tattooed on my forehead. Then there’d be no mistaken of what is not so obvious.

Now then looking beyond that, While not raking in big money each month, my financial condition is more stable than most I know. I have no outstanding debt, to ANYONE. My bills are always paid on time. Unless mail get screwed up, and it don’t get to me for a month and a half , like it was in Gooding, and the studio there. And some wonder why the Mail service as we know it is about shot. Any mile, so okay I do okay money wise. Granted it does take one to get to know me to grow fond of me, but if the answers to my Project Experience question is accurate, many should try to get to know what does not show at least on the first meeting or impression. Sure the adage of there is no second chance to make a first impression , It goes that way.

Few get to know anyone. But lets look at this from another point of view.

Two doors down, there’s a young lady that is moderately overweight. She has a few quirks that is not obvious and thus not attractive to other guys. Yet she can cook, she is talented with making latch hook crafts, and if I was in a mindset of remaining where I live for any time, I’d pursue that. Considering Boise is really looking brighter every day, that’s not part of my flight plan. But she’s okay.

So why does women say one thing ? Go after guys that they know will beat em silly, cheat on em and go on drunk tirades and yet here are more stable guys like myself and I’ m all alone?

Any mile, need to gather strength , as the day is getting busier. Flying this afternoon.

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