Monday, July 23, 2012

Something tells me this is going to get awkward.

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So I got home, all safe, still suffering troubles with the alternator , but look to next month to fix that.

So I’m discovering that I’m getting a telepathic vibe from LiL Sis, about the other two groupies that is our hangarounds for trial to see if they measure up to being allowed in the AyreWolvez or as one of the Knytes.

I can’t describe the feelings I’m getting from LiL Sis, I think her stand offish attitude and reluctance, may have more to do with the hangarounds rather than me, but who knows.

So I got into Two-and a half Men on FX the old series, with Charlie Sheen.

To my way of thinking Charlie Sheen made that show pop. CBS and all offing him, in favor of Aston Kurtcher did nothing to preserve the series , in fact it might be the leading the series to the execution chair.

So lets see , right now Chuck Lore’ one show the Big Bang Theory is off, and Two and a half men is about there. If I were ole Chuck I’d be doing some renegotiating.

Tried to find April Scott’ Facebook page, which could not. I know she must have one. Google could find her in a search but Facebook couldn’t, hmmm , guess Mark’s super site needs some tweaking.

In conclusion, I’m leaning towards LiL Sis’ lead on this, bottom line if she don’t, I don’t.

Catching some z’s tonight.

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