Sunday, July 22, 2012

Ayre Thoughts


There are times when you write something, release it and look it over afterwerds that you realize that half of the words are in the wrong place, the words you thought you put down are missing, and you realize you just sent something out that makes you ,(me) look completely idiotic, especially when your trying your damndsest to make an impression.

I can’t tell you exactly what I feel for Lyndsi, its not purely emotional, not completely family as in a Sister , and yet not completely vocational or occupational.

I knew she>>Lyndsi when she stepped out of one of the mindless drones ‘ car that had been hanging around the shop for nearly the month before. She has more than just hot looks that she is not missing any of, but an intelligence, and sensuality that I know will be great both on camera and on air. I know that , the fact she wants to fly, is also an attraction, yet I’m scared to death. When a gal gets a guy so Twitterpaited like the Wolf-Pack seems to think I am here. I loose call control. The dangers are many but its this kind of flame that ignited the fyre that brought me back to no go Idaho, in the first place that I relive the daymare every morning when I’m forced to open my eyes and go to the shop. Or go out to Jerome to the Airport , because Burley’ damn Airport board is to damn stupid and the people here are too damn stubborn to allow the extension and rebuild or a flat new build of an airport. That I could build a hangar on.

The two drones that introduced me to Lyndsi said they new of a place that had a helo hangar on it. But have not been over all weekend.

When it comes to both the club, and or company. There might not be anything going on, there might no  reason, but still, there is a need everyday that the members of the Wolf-Pack , including Lyndsi needs to check in and remain able to be contacted if needed.

With the fires now out we are resting here at AyreWolf Aviation, but we are still on alert for EVAC duty if it should be required. Likewise ready to dispatch ayreborne fire suppression operations at a seconds notice. While I can’t say Lyndsi is ready for that, she would be the anchor here at the Wolf’s Den online and all dispatching and keeping the fire crews going where they need to.

Would I allow Lyndsi to move in? Any time, she wants to. But I remember when Tammy did that I moved over here and well, no thank you.

But saying that should we move Hazzard County Choppers/Dixie-A1 Toewing up to where AyreWolf Aviation will be in Nampa, Lyndsi says she’ll go too.

As I close I will repeat, this>>> imagesCA35DT3Rand one of if the most deadly things in the Universe. Could there be a planet beyond the Epsilon imagesCAEZKT0Gcluster , beyond the center of a outer region of Andromeda . that is not controlled by;imagesbut surely the old AyreWolf here and the Wolf Pack are, and glad as hell, we have>>>Lyndsinuff said.

L8R Aviators.

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