Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I hate second or third party Bullstuff


I hate second hand bullstuff. First I hear from one person that LiL Sis ain’t showing up because of one of the hangarounds. Then LiL Sis gets up on me that it ain’t so. Then I hear all sorts of crap that outside of keeping LiL Sis in the loop, giving the rest of it the boot. Go back to plan A, fix up my rigs, get my stuff in order , move to Boise, and forget Podunk Skunk Tragic Valley Idaho even exists.

There are so many good things that have promise here, but unless your Mexican decent, Mormon, or belong to a very narrow select few, you ain’t going anywhere, or doing anything.

A guy who runs a chain of quick stop style go juice stations here, and my mind is still going in orbit as to why, but some how I challenged this guy somewhere. Thing is, long b4 I ever moved here to Crasha County, where everything gets crashed, trashed and most are on some sort of hash, Dixie Toewing always fueled there here in the entire valley. But so sad because of the dispute unless there is no alternative, I fuel elsewhere.

Something that many are not familiar with so will set this straight. A1 Towing is owned by Charlie Legg of Twin Falls. I own Dixie Toewing of Bliss, Gooding, Rigby, and here in Crasha County.

The only connection beyond friendship is one of Charlie’ drivers and third in command is a member of the Knytes. West of Murtaugh Idaho is Charlie's territory. East of Murtaugh, North of Buhl, and north to both Shoshone and to Gooding is mine. A1 Towing is my back up and vice versa, but Dixie is not , repeat NOT A1, nor is A1 , Dixie. Two separate companies owned by two different people. I own Dixie, Charlie owns A1.

Hope that clears that up.

Next entry,

How to deal with a 20 something that lost his girl friend and throws temper tantrums.

L8R Aviators.


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