Saturday, June 23, 2012

Communications,that fail to communicate

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Okay friends as the tour bus pulled through , here is Idaho.

Not only is its people slow both in momentum but mentally, but so is its Internet.

I heard just b4 I regained some form of web connectivity that Pocatello Idaho is on its own for consumer prices the absolute slowest connected community in America. And sure enough, Pocatello ranks number 7 in the nation as absolutely the slowest.

I laugh at Cable-One when they say 50 mg internet. Bullsbreath , If this was Utah you could be assured that the Utah Consumer protection Commission would make em change their ads. I’ll be damn the only true 50mps connection I have experienced in Idaho, was when I had a lap top capable of good wifi, and lived on south 5th across from ISU. There was a tap, that really was 50mps. You’d click and whatever needed to download was downloaded instantly. But that’s the only one. When Cable-One offers $25.00 a piece for a 3 product bundle, you get billed damn near double that, the first month so where’s the savings.

And even if you think your behind, billing wise a gal wanting to make an extra commission sells you phone service.

I did that , and mid month got turned off. Why? I get PAID on THE FIRST OF THE MONTH!!! not the middle of the month. Could they extend the sob, two weeks? No, I told em when I signed up, was I am a military retiree , I get my pay once a month, bills get paid on the first, of the month, if I’m billed middle of month, I can’t pay until the next first of the month. Lady phone sales person for Cable-One says no problem.

Guess what I ain’t got Cable-One or at least to where I gots to pay for it.

So here’s the tip, if your in Idaho, get cable tv (ONLY) from Cable-One, get a cell phone, get landline and Internet through Century Link aka Qwest renamed.

Qwest tells you, you get 10mps, which is pushing it, but at least its close, not be insulted by and lied to by Cable-One with claims that do not measure up.

What I do hope is, some day, is that Comcast, comes up here buys Cable-One, gives the boot to the stuck up, wont help you or even really try staff of both Twin Falls and Eastern Idaho. Then this thing here might operate better.

More on this , this evening.

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