Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Its not Christian, its, not personal, its just business


Any time I have to dump someone under my command I get the feeling that I’m doing something not Christian, but is required for the entire unit. To maintain moral and unity and all sometimes you need to say it ain’t working.

As such I gave the boot to James this evening. After I found out that one of the reasons LiL Sis was not showing up at the shop was she was queasy about hanging with James.

Without giving personal last names ya’ll know who I ‘m barking about. This 20 something and that may have something to do with it although myself at age 20 I was already toewing, building rydes and flying. But that’s me.

Most of the rest of the Wolf-Pack is also that way, mature for our ages. Be that as it may, this James at times reminds me of a child having a temper tantrum. Take away the rattle he boo-hoo’ If he don’t eat at his time, he squalls , it’s a long list but even LiL Sis can’t stand to be around James, and I told her that on her first visit here to the Wolf’s Den. Hopefully now LiL Sis will come by more. I know LiL Sis, is having family and personal problems and hey sunshine if I can help in any way do not hesitate to get in touch, I’m here when and if you need me and or the club.

Okay, Got word today our annual AyreWolvez Fly In for October has passed muster through the Wolf-Packs, ATC , and will take place in Soda Springs Airport, weather permitting. There will be a partly assembled reunion of the reserve member of the 214 as well as us in the AyreWolvez. A vendors row, and so on will take place check the dates on our site.

More L8R Aviators , body needs sleep.


Quote of the Day:
Passions are vices or virtues to their highest powers.
--Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
Psalm 119:60“I will hasten and not delay to obey your commands.”

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