Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Wynged Wynds


I had every intention to be over at A1 this morning tending to my janitorial duties there. There is two things wrong. First it was either fuel for church, or go to A1. The second, that although grateful for Charlie doing the accounting and distribution of funds the Government gives me, the fact that a full bird eagle Colonel of the USMC that flew with and for the VMA214 , one of the most honored aviation battle squadrons ever, has to clean the head and be a damn janitor. No its not just Charlie’ fault, its America’s fault. At least this tiny corner of it. That someone with my abilities, my experience and all comes back, albeit on a whim in pursuit of potential SheWolf happiness, that there isn’t one, not one person in a town of 35,000 can’t see past their little noses to spite their faces, to donate for a short term, office space for this radio station, no body willing to donate a shop for say a year, with an agreement that I pay expenses like utilities but just give a shop for a year to allow the shop to get up to speed making money. Nope they can’t do that. No here is this situation and its not just me. There are a flurry or will be in a few months of Veterans coming home from Afghanistan, Iraq and other places. They are going to be discharged or at least some will be, and they are looking for jobs or creating jobs. Oh sure there are VA and other benefits that help, but as anyone will tell you that’s been there , it takes 6 months or better to get those benefits, and VA loans, grants and such going. In the short run these same Veteran’s have families, that need fed, housed and clothed. Even if he or she, is single, they still need food, housing and work. Many have advanced skills, yet can’t use them, because of an economy that’s went sour under a Taliban Serb that’s in the White House. I ain't talking of the color of his skin, but his heart is totally black. Its not just Washington DC, its from local government, like the Sheriff of Minidoka County who gets popped by the State Attorney General, who charged the Sheriff, of playing with one of his employees and having tax payers pay for it. There is so much ugly stuff that it makes me puke to speak of it. But hey if the Sheriff asked for a free office here, bet your ass someone would provide one. How about a Veteran, so I can work alongside my crew to help other Veterans, and build a Radio station and TV station. Rather than clean the head at A1, really good huh?

Thing is Tuesday I’ll be back there at A1, but again its gas for church or going to A1. I choose Church.

Anybody got a free office/studio,shop space they want to donate?

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--Oscar Fingall O’Flahertie Wills Wilde
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