Sunday, June 23, 2013

Some things one has to do myself

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I always am amazed at the lack of real information on the Internet any more, if in fact it ever was really there in the first place.

Dig this, out of curiosity, I Googled my Dad on the Internet, guess what there was a listing, really, idiots? My Dad has been dead since 1978, I know cause I was beside his bed when he breathed his last. Then looked up or tried to look up records of the Montgomery Foundation. Guess what? Absolutely nothing, yet I damn well know , because in 2009 Rich Strickland and I went into the records office of the Gooding County courthouse and dove into it. There is a complete room dedicated to the Montgomery Foundation, Mom & Dad’s estate and all of that. Then looked up the company’ records, there but here was some cousin back somewhere on a site that obviously has expired that was looking for me. Tried to respond but got nowhere. One has to register, I did that already. thing is, its tremendous that with as much money and things mom & dad and yes even I have done for this farting little valley, little information is of public record. The length of that philanthropy is so long it would take a blog entry two pages long, so its up to me. As soon as I can going over to Gooding and see what I can dig up.

What got me in the mood of family history Mrs. Morrison, who spearheaded the construction there of , of the Morrison Art Center in Boise, that even a few of my new associates said did not exist, The Montgomery Foundation , contributed a big wad of cash to that center, along with buying a bank building at the corner of 10th and Bannock in Boise. any way Mrs. Morrison passed away , and our hearts prayers are with the family, going on though the main architect of that art center was also the first Trustee of the Montgomery Foundation worth in excess at Mom’s death of over $250,million. $175,million was went into the initial construction and design and as such partnership of what some know as Flying J. The rest of the money went into oil and natural gas projects. All was lost in 2002, at the collapse of Flying J, and the unification of Flying J and Pilot . A law suit is still under way, attorney’s say that in 2014 early 2015 about $75, million will be recovered , with the rest being paid out in dividend funds over 50 years.

But my families history is long , honorable and yet gave little respect, including me.

So I’m in hot pursuit to find, write and publish more on our family.

Its just something I gotta do myself.

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