Thursday, June 27, 2013

Too Hot to sleep

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It’s just too damn hot to sleep, Charlie says, that there is a remedy, but I keep sleeping past when I need to call, because the only time I can sleep is 4:00AM to 11:00 AM since its cool enough to finally catch some sleep. The bottom line, is its going to take me, to call an HVAC company, have em fix the damn thing, and bill it to Charlie, or me just pay the bill and bare it.

All the reasons I relocated here are seemingly for nothing, I’d have been better off , paying that stupid woman in Blackfoot to take care of this Government money I get. That’s really what sucks, make too much you loose the government money, stay and try to live on Government money and your lucky if you can afford a Big Mac every three months, or do like I do, volunteer, and catch a few crumbs off the clubs table and at times those can be some damn big crumbs, otherwise I could never afford this.

The deal was supposed to go like this, I move over here, work part time for Charlie doing odd jobs, he takes care of the money, keeps gas in my tank, tires on the truck and maybe spot me some pocket change. Sure I have a slightly bigger place to live, but, at least at the Evergreen, had cable, air, and FREE Internet. Which meant I had more money in pocket, and most importantly a shop. Where I could be productive. Or at least getting things ready to head east to Pocatello, or south to Salt Lake City, mostly those two places because I have kin folk in both those places.

As it is I’m stuck, but crawling out of a deep hole, just a bit slower than I had in mind. Oh don’t get me wrong, HazzardAyre/WyldAyre Radio, Confederate Steele Media doing gold business including our upcoming TV gig, but the money earned there is the clubs, I get very little of that three times a year, and here over the last few years that’s been very slim. The trouble started with Mr. Bikini Bouncer, that opened his trap to a few in Mountain Home that started a turff war, because a few of the Filthy Fifty up there, thought I might set em on their ear up in MHI, so guess what ? Whatever progress could have been made wasn’t. However looking back, there was this older audio board that the local, Cable access channel had there in Mountain Home. There was a night I had access, and was going to tune that up, if I had been the dishonest person most thought I was, I could have and looking back now should have hustled that thing out the back door, into my truck, along with all the bells and toys for it, and hauled it back to Glenn’s Ferry and stored it in a place nobody would have ever found it. Considering the fact I laid out a ton of money and the money I spent on that situation, I’m still waiting for the refund of some $8,000.00 from them. But no honor and all that well you get the picture.

Of course Gooding. All that day early something told me to get the gear and all out of there, and I thought about it, but the so called help said they had the money to save it, where did the money that $1,200.00 from the bar sponsor go. That could have kept us in the game.

Then came that tub, from Kimberly, I had been working on a syndication deal, with Journal Broadcasting out of Nampa to get us on KJOT, there but this fatso from Kimberly calls to verify, talked to the wrong person that talked to the people I had been gingerly talking with to ignite us back in Treasure Valley, and the ultimate, here in Twin Falls, remembering a bunch of crap, and wondering is this the nostalgia that was so damn charming that brought me back here to the Tragic Valley?

There’s a bunch of folks who owe me a lot of money, city of Mountain Home on that $8,000.00 , that fat lady who turned Nurse GoodBody against our radio gig, and that’s the short list. Will I ever see it? Nope , but its just a point of order I needed to make.

All of this came flooding into my mind earlier this evening when a dear friend both a Knyte and one of the Wolf-Pack, passed away, due to injuries he suffered from military service, years ago in Iraq.

His name is Mike, and there was a time he, myself and Bro were damn near inseparable. I met Mike through a fist fight. I must have said something somewhere some how, that twisted Mike in a bad way. We went at it pretty good in the Wendell City Park across from the old High School. After which we became very good friends, even to the point his mom wanted me for extra curricular entertainment. She was nuts, finally ran off with some drugged out gear splitter, but Mike and I stayed close. When I went into the Marines, Mike went in as well, to the Navy. We stayed in touch, but off the shores of the gulf, the battle rig he was on had a problem with a gun turret , that caused an injury to Mike’s leg. He got sent home , much earlier than I did. He kept the club fires going while I was away, and he has been here busting ass as best as he can in a wheelchair, with no legs, and these tiny teasing twats that thought they too good, to help this radio cause, here’s a Vet, with no legs doing it, some of you ladies ought to be ashamed of yourselves.

But Mike’s death , caused me to start thinking, before I’m no longer able , some changes

need to be made.

Going out and sitting on the truck its cooler out there, perhaps Charlie will get Shaun here to fix the air later in the day.

L8R Aviators,

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