Sunday, June 23, 2013

No more Southern Rebel, we’re more Southern Contemporaries

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The great war between the states, created the idealism of all Confederates are rebels. While I will never say we who have southern states blood flowing through our bodies and confederate gray matter in our brains should ever relinquish our anti establishment, anti conformists attitude or beliefs. However that said we need to raise our flag as well as our images.

No longer does our southern folks need to be considered nor should we keep putting ourselves out as back woods, shine running hillbillies. We can be out there with proper grammar, and lifestyles. We can and should be educated, we should be technology savvy , we need to show ourselves as somewhat evolved from the point of just being just hillbilly delinquents. That means, shave, shower, dress more current, and go to schools, no matter how old you are. Even God says, those who quit learning and improving die.

If we’re to win the current civil war between the states and there is one, even if ya’ll want to not see it, but there is a war of the north, the south and the states themselves. Just considering there are Confederates just in the original CSA , is being ignorant. There are Confederates and Southern Contemporaries in every state in the union, the Coffee Camp of the SOCV in Colorado, is an example. Although the SOCV slammed the door in the face of the Knytes and all, don’t mean we quit. The preservation of our southern history as well as the fight against current oppression and the threat of our liberties is as much a priority of the Knytes as it is for the SOCV, more over a nation, that so terribly needs a lifeline the Knytes, The AyreWolvez through the Southern Wynged Warriors can be that lifeline.

More on that next entry.

Oh and for those who wonder why I live in Idaho, instead of a Southern state with so much Confederate blood in me , its not by choice, its purely based on economics, and that God for only he knows why put me here in the north to fight the fight for the south.

In closing, it’s time to start getting away from being southern rebels and evolving into Southern Contemporaries.

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