Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Here’s the Poll Question of the week, If your employer asks you to


Here’s todays poll question even though the little college aged, pencil neck geeks at LinkedIn will not let me post it, if your employer asked you to pose for a pic for an ad for the firm, would you? Purpose in poll, to see how many men versus women respond and vote. Odds are guys will pony up to such a thing faster than women. The age of women wanting to be a super model, pin up gal are over or pretty close to it. Maybe its just where we are located after all we are after all out the front door of the Mormon Church, and out the back door of every super self righteous, have their hand out looking for donation facility. Ever know a church or TV preacher not looking for money? I’d fall over bassackwards, to hear a sermon in the morning and one say, thanks for watching. The only one that don’t, is Wretched TV. But Wretched does pitch offers, but donation, buy a cd, dvd, whatever same crap different day, but we’re getting off course here.

I put up the pole just to see how many people would vote they would , how many wouldn’t and include their gender. Not to be biased, but I want to see how many women especially elsewhere in these Union States, would really honestly answer the question.

Of course some horses ass college student at LinkedIn has things so damn complicated one can’t ever navigate that thing. Ain’t met one person on there that has done, me or the firm here any good, but I can say Stage32 has. But its still college students, doing it, and if your asking , do I hate college students? No, hey I luv perusing community college girls just before school starts here at CSI, as far as major institutions of learning, that few will ever learn anything to get a job from, no I don’t really dig the over pompous college students who think they know everything, but could hook up a car or truck, on a roll back, couldn’t fly aircraft, and if they were lucky, might have the brains to clean the head here at the studios. Another poll question, might be if you had a choice, would you hire a veteran or a college student. In our case that’s a no brainer, of course I’ll hire Veterans first and prefer veterans, to all new hires. Vets have learned dedication to duty, traits of honor, and obeying and understanding a chain of command, college students, not so much.

Oh and yes if your wondering , yes we are lamb hunting again. Seems as the need to get images on film and video, is a priority. HQ called out the marching orders and so we’re at it again. This is not something I wanted , but hey, Mother nature only stays warm for two months in Idaho, and if we’re to get some promo shots done for the radio gig and all we need to find a few street princess’ that want to make a serious career change, make some kaching, so we can get things inline for the fire off in March next year of the SuperStation, kicking serious ass out of Buhl.

So I thought I’d put out the poll, so those standing by the water cooler, gossiping, might ask your women co workers, if the boss asked , would you pose for promo shots for the company, would you?

Expanded blog entry at mid day. Oh before I go, remember the gal we caught last December, by the name of Ambrosia, that said she was into our gig, but was too busy with school, and all, hey honey Schools out, you could come by and help now. Maybe make a few bucks before school starts again. I think she was more into the black guy that took us all a tour one day rather than talk business.

Here’s the thing, you find, bikini bars in Boise, you find bikini bars in both Idaho Falls and Pocatello, although heard one got hammered for too much nose candy , hmmm didn’t I say that? But while tried twice, have you ever noticed, no bikini bars here. Could this be the reason its taking so damn long to get our Hooters here in twin falls. For the unknowing Hooters, has nothing to do with women’s breasts. The name comes from the Hoot Owl, two, have you been to a Hooter’s, ain’t seen bare breasts yet, mostly short orange shorts, and one of my favorite aromas, all too long worn nylon hose, which is required to be worn at Hooters by servers. But no Hooters here (yet), why most women are too timid, the rest too religious, any of the rest of the honey’s here will never, after all got to maintain standards for their peers.

Things are changing though, The Reaper is closer than they think.

L8R Ya’ll

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