Sunday, June 23, 2013

Some business’ should take a page out of the toewers book

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So remember I remarked about the foul mouthed shift manager at one of our McDonalds here?

Well just as I was getting into some assemblage of REM sleep, they call, rattled some message off faster than serving up a Big Mac at lunch time.

Now we all know that nothing big is going to happen here if anything although a free Burger, might be cool. But here’s something I learned a long time ago in going toewing. The person you bad mouth today, might be the person you have to toew in tomorrow. If in fact he or she calls YOUR toew firm.

There is shop talk, there is company talk, but even if you are upset with an employee, you don’t launder your dirty stuff in public. Especially to an employee. Second if that young trainee that was there , that this manager was teasing wanted to, along with every female employee in there, could file a indecent procedure if not a sex harassment suit on McDonalds and Mr. Kyle, here and win. That’d be great publicity wouldn’t it?

I can remember the old standards of this McDonalds franchise. There was only one. Located next to Dr. Telford’s home out on Blue Lakes. Doc Telford, was a family member of course mom & dad would come over and leave me with the Doc’s daughters, and mom, dad, Doc, and his other half would go out and party.

So I’d meander over to McDonalds. One time going I asked , Mr. Kyle if I could work there, as I was old enough, but Mr. Kyle had standards. First you had to be clean and well kept, okay on that, two, you had to have at least a 3.5 or better GPA, I had one B, on my record so I got that B, up to an A plus, did the honor roll of Hazzard High, and the year I went in the Marines, I worked at McDonalds. There was a shift manager, that I got to know there named Vickie. She ran that place like clock work, but there was one thing both would not tolerate or accept, and that was profanity there in the prep area.

So I know, that Mr. Kyle after I explain this to him, Monday and I will, will have a strong conversation, with this Shift Manager.

But Us in Toewing, we would never profane, or smoke or do something or act in an unclean way in front of a customer either in truck, or even a recovery job. Heck, I got suspended on a recovery job, by the ISP , for 20 days, for uddering some profane syllables .

You just don’t do that.

Sure aboard ship, in the hangar, at officers mess, etc sure cuss, on call in a toew truck, or the office, or at McDonalds, NO.

Toewing teaches life skills, maybe teens should be required to intern at a toewing service, before going to college, might learn customer relationship skills.

L8R Aviators, headed for church.

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