Monday, June 24, 2013

The simple five finger approach.

ALZ HEDDERawwa afternoon flyte

Years ago whilest my Dad and I were hauling stump wood from off the farm, and me on the trailer, I was grumping about how limited and such the area was, even worse than now is and was. My Dad said , “ Give me your hand.” I did, Dad went on to show and say, “ See son, here’s your fingers, whilest your pointing at something or someone or something, with one hand, these fingers are pointing back at you.” If there’s something missing , why not you fix it, rather than waiting for someone else to do it?

With that in mind, while there are some serious mule heads in both Twin falls and Burley in fact the entire valley, there are also many people here that are good people. People that can and will help. That being that , it is going to be at least a year , maybe two before I can make any kind of a serious relocation project happen. This while here going to be a bit more social with the working operation here. Doing things like joining the Twin falls Chamber of Commerce, doing other community projects. Remember too that even when I do move me, KDXB FM will still be howling over the airwaves here, so might as well stick out a paw of friendship and see what happens.

Maybe it is us that is out of step and not the entire valley, perhaps its not just the ignorance of a few at say KMVT that decided rather than make friends or call a truce, but us being the growling bunch. So might as well make the best of this situation, and see if we are a bit more public and out reached that maybe a few might be so much not be a bit more none mule headed.

Now if the extended paw of friendship, is rejected by say the TF C-of-C and all that’s their problem but at least we’re trying. Sent an email, made a phone call, the membership co-coordinator said she was coming over in 20 minutes, longest 20 minutes I ever seen, but the paw is out there. Seems that for the dangest, that people can’t find the Wolf’s Lair, sitting right smack on the corner of the busiest or one of the most heavily traveled intersections in town. Addison Avenue, and Washington. The Idaho Lottery sign right in front and my one of Chevy S-10, in front of the door most of the time, don’t take much smarts to find the Wolf’s Lair.

Many ask why there for a firm of the air? Much less radio station? Reason, as far as AyreWolf Aviation is concerned I’ve got aircraft stretched across the state, due to lack of hangar space. I’ve got Air Tractors in American Falls, Gooding and Buhl. The helo’s are split between Wells Nevada and Bountiful. Although on my helo a phone call has it out here in Twin, in an hour or two, still there is not enough room for all 20 aircraft, an office and the chemical storage we need. Been working with Gary Wolverton , of Wolverton who is a someone who rents hangar space at the Twin Falls Airport. Problem is there just ain’t no room. So I am patient, there will eventually be enough space here at our airport to build the facility we need, that is if we decide to make a run of a sub station for AyreWolf Aviation in Twin Falls. As it is now things are good, leaving things spread where they need to be and keeping the HQ at Bountiful SkyPark.  

Caught hell for not being at A1 today, but the mind said yes, body said no, so been doing office and studio chores.

Any way, don’t forget Wolvez meeting at the Wolf’s Lair, topic, Reaper Club/Sheep’s Pen.

L8R Aviators,


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