Thursday, June 27, 2013

Just Here


Okay here I am, went over to the Doc with Todd to get a med exam, in Buhl. So after go by the office, only to find note on door, from landlord, saying he wants to rent the tiny office to another tenant, but there’s a space next door for double the money . Grand so now need to make up my mind is this area worth that? Or would it be best to move this operation to say Wendell, or just sell it, and take the money and funnel that to American Falls. Still have a month to decide but getting out of here completely is high on my mind. Found out that I is a diabetic. Or could be, tests being ran to conclude. If I’m going to die my ass ain’t doing that in the Tragic Valley, so having a talk with Charlie Tuesday.

Then it wasn’t until 04:00 Hours until I could sleep, as the temp was so damn hot outside . Charlie said he was sending someone over, but hell by the time I get to sleep or at least it cools down to go sleep, I can’t get up in time to call Shawn, and with having to cough up $350.00 a month instead of the $125.00 for the station if we elect to do that still. After that, I ain’t got any extra money.

American Falls, has housing, kin folk, airport, shop. Toew Territory. Just hope we make enough of the sale of this station here to allow what’s needed to move, this wolf ain’t coming back here EVER!!!.

Any mile, need to just sit and think, so wont be on air tonight, but will see ya’ll Friday into Saturday.

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