Saturday, July 6, 2013

All I want at a Wal-Mart is a clerk who speaks English, and is skinny,

awwa afternoon flyte

So there was go to Wal-Mart snag some moo, and yummies. So noticed that the frozen foods section where TV Dinners and home baked pizza are at sectioned off and closed. Don’t know if it’s a recall, or equipment breakdown, but I ask the clerk checking me out, why, You could tell here was a gal, barely able to speak English, that’s more at home slicing ham in the deli that working a cash register. The staff at Wal-Mart of Twin Falls seems to be falling off like beef of a soup bone. I mean Jimmie Cricket, did the lets get out of here before the sky falls alarm sound at Wal-Mart of Twin Falls? In short the question I asked was not answered, although I saw milk at Wal-Mart at $1.98 , Smith’ was $2.10 a gallon, so going over there later after the religious idiots who think they can herd the car down the road get off the streets here. No there are some country folks who know how to drive, they have that gene in their personal genetic mix. Then there are those who only know drive in the field, stop any time, Any where, Don’t matter what’s behind you and can’t do a steady speed. Either too damn fast , or too damn slow. You can’t maintain a steady fix on them, to change or maneuver through , no you go like hell, then stop, then speed up, and then see its some girl , maybe 19 years old in an SUV trying to find the closest nail place,. Damn it drive, or bring the damn boyfriend. I know there was Daisy Duke an all, My mom could dive, but the best lady driver I ever seen in my life is my cousin Raydean, I tell you what dirt, pavement you put her behind the wheel, its hammer time and we ain’t talking MC. this time, Deenie taught me to flip uturns using the left and right brakes of that little Dexter tractor. She’d jump canals, in a 53 Chevy I mean she can drive. Strange she married a race car driver ain’t it?

Been steaming in my head over night about the hissy fit from Jenn at A1, yesterday. I think this gig is drawing to a close , but I ain’t sure, tell you all on Monday.

Tadd bit cooler than yesterday, planning on doing some short flying after Church Sunday after church, since anything long distance, is zero. The reason? Last Monday got told I got diabetes , which means until I get my waiver from the FAA after some evaluation and all , means my feet are planted except for short hops for six months. So doing more 4 and six wheel flying, here on terra firma rather than topping the clouds.

Then looked at my email, and you know Jenn’s going to throw a curve, here, but saw a reply to the ad. Worded all too much like others that have came from people she has sent in. The question I need to ask is straight up. Charlie and Jenn don’t want want me sticking my nose into A1 affairs. Fine, my question is, why does Jenn find it in her head she needs to get in mine? Second, for me to take anyone serious for the radio ad spot we have at Confederate Steele, would have to look like Daisy Duke, have the mouth of Gretchen Wilson, drive like Danica Patrick, have the legs of the original Nurse GoodBody, without a eye prying significant male hanging over her shoulder, no children to have to get a sitter for, or to pre-empt a on air gig, Then sure we talk, since here would be a gal who could pass the moxy test and have the attitude that we need. Short of that , the crack whores, and such just keep on walking, hey go work at Wal-Mart , where brains are not required.

Any time I think of that I remember some years ago to get some extra cash in the stash I applied at the Wal-Mart of Jerome. It was determined that ye ole Wolf here was too smart and overqualified. Really, full knowledge of the product lines, where they were at in the store and even a few of the product lines’ NASCAR drivers and teams, was way too intelligent, for me to work there. Best yet, I can speak and write two languages, English, and Confederate American, Oh and back then I was skinny, Looking over the last 8 years now, if I ever see, that Tammy chick that drew me over here to Tweaker Flatts to begin with mother or not, woman or not its, slug fest time.

Keep it tween the ditches.

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