Monday, June 18, 2012

But it ain’t gonna happen in Idaho or Utah


I am often dismayed or stymied when I get these invites to go to some just need to be there trade shows.

Whether its for aviation, the radio network, this news publication, or anything else even the MC shop.

While I’d love to go to every towing related or just toew show in the nation, I am for the most part a one man band. If I can go to a show I have to send off tow calls to another company, shut down the shop, and spend financial resources to go. These are just not my options, I have to ROS-{Remain-on-Station} to fetch tows , fly fire suppression or air rescue, or serve the club through writing this newspaper or being on radio.

So what is one going to do? The upfront answer is to stage our own , right? Wrong.

When I open issues of Rebel Rodz, or EasyRiders etc and I see their events or I see some news footage on TV of one, I say we could do that here.

In years ago, yes we could, did and nobody even flinched. Problem is today just about everybody is so tight breasted on their wallets , as well as even such things, as the security of female models to host and promote these events is a crap shoot even if you can find the talent that will go that far.

Then of course is dealing with the local press, from outside radio/tv to newspapers, justified or not mostly not, getting one to write something up is near to impossible, if you can even get their panties wet in the first place.

Just like few years ago, had some seatcover and a photohog come over to Buhl, when I was there to do up a story, on both the shop and club. The lady was nice enuff, some pics were taken, but the story just got shelved. Then they wonder why I or the club members don’t spend money on advertising with them. But that’s getting off course.

You might say well that’s Idaho no go. However it’s the same lame thing in Utah just about. Yes there are venues that allow for our events. The Tooele County Airport , just outside Tooele Utah hosts the AyreWolvez AyreShows each year. With rousing incredible attendance by members and public alike. The Hazzard Nationals since 1996 has been hosted at the Larry H Miller Sports Park, a road course racing facility partly influenced in suggestion by the Knytes-of-Anarchy our parent organization. Again hiney , rods , trucks and all things Hazzard. But there is also the restrictions. No where there can you have a wet T shirt contest, which is why we opted to a wet tight Wrangle Cowgirl Jeans contest. Then there is our hot legs contest, as long as its below the waist no problem. Above the waist, nope.

Of course there are the media outlets. KJZZ has been great to work with, FoX 13 KSTU there has been great to work with, outside radio outlets before they became part of Citadel were great to work with, like FM 101.1 KBER(Kay-Bear). With their Sugar Bears and all they understood what was in our minds.

That all said and you’d think a few more would pull their heads out of the sand, Both The Utah State Towing Association as well as the lame one we have(besides ours) in Idaho, would group up with say the Wyoming Towing Association amongst others and host a major toew show in Utah as a regional tow show.

We are trying to do that, even stage the thing here in Burley, at the Cassia County Fairgrounds . But our requests to get serious with the fair board is somewhat hindered to put it mildly.

But why couldn’t a major tow show be staged in Salt Lake City? To where we here could spend a day or two at the show, and have the WreckMasters tests and seminars? Where we could see the new gadgets and equipment?

The only one even remotely close by is in Reno, Nevada. If we’re really lucky the Washington State Tow Show, but how about a Mountain West Toew Show.

Stymied as I am and all its not going to happen in Idaho. But we keep trying, introducing an invitation to towing professionals in the Mountain West,


This will be one heck of a toew show, for Wyoming Utah, and Idaho. Dates are still on the table but looking at mid October 2013. We’d like it if we got some ink from TR FootNotes on this, to get the word out.

But getting off the hook, what about the AyreWolvez AyreShow in Idaho? That one is a near firm never gonna happen in Idaho. First there are few if any airports able if at all that could stomach such an event. Sure Twin Falls Idaho has its albeit good, fly in Airshow, but a show similar to but not limited to say the one in Oshkosh Wisconsin, just will not happen here. So we have for the most part put that one in the cold file and surrender the idea to our charter in Utah.

But again why not?

Keep reading we ain’t done yet, more Tuesday.

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