Friday, June 15, 2012

Back in the saddle


You never know how important something is until ya’ll don’t have it.

Finally got moved again, to the Powers , and yet I truly miss my little house.

Although having free wifi and cable and all included in the rent, still online is not as good as having your own pipeline.

Most likely around mid September if not b4.

When you loose you puter like I did to have a retro fit with the computer only being 3 months old, it do make one a bit antsy but all is good.

Got back into a shop, now if I can find hangar space again progress on building the Lady, can commence.

Finding it difficult to deal with these so called mental health people. VA says I gotta to keep getting benefits, but some of these people remind me of a bunch of monkeys screwing a football.

Any whoo just wanted to update all, and oh yes Ellie May, give me a call, look up the number to the Powers Motel in Burley.

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Always do right. This will gratify some people and astonish the rest.
--Mark Twain
Proverbs 23:24“The father of a righteous child has great joy; a man who fathers a wise son rejoices in him.”

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