Saturday, June 16, 2012

Strange Noise from Boise


So after I don’t know how long finally online. Slow still, but hey this is Idaho, and everyone knows that Idaho ranks at the top of the list of being the slowest Internet speed state in the union.

So caught a status update from Ms. Kinghornr up Boise way.

I’m still puzzled at the meaning but the gest of it had to do with finding a good man to settle down with that would treasure her.

Now then, and I’ll be forever grateful that she got me to the dentist of hers in Nampa when I lived up Glenn’s Ferry way. But here is the quandary, she had in her grips a man who would have treasured her and her kids. We had good chemistry, and even her Dad liked me. This would have been great. Thing is at the time, she was all but hitched to some guy who ran some sort of construction firm.

Sure I was keen on going to Boise, rather Nampa then, but Cuzzin Bud had other ideas both on the economic as well as other concerns so I stupidly moved to Gooding. Not trashing Gooding now. Gooding was where I got tight with Mirinda and all, but if I had went to Boise then, much of the crap and I mean crap manure, that I have went through since might have been detoured, if not eliminated.

So again if Becky is looking for a guy that would treasure her, and all, I never ever slammed the door on that. Sure she never got paid, for much of what she did for the club. This was because of the slamming and trashing from the buttmules in MHI, that trickled down to the ECSO, which pulled me from rotation which stopped the cash flow, to going toewing. No toew no dough. But I never stopped caring for Becky.

Yes I could see that being something serious if allowed, but I truly doubt she’d move to Burley, but I’d pull up stakes and truck to Boise if she put out the welcome mat.

Okay then.

It is sport flying season. The Blue Angels will be at next months Twin Falls County Airshow. The AyreWolvez plan on being there showing off a few of our byrds.

The Lady is coming along, still need to work out the stall speed situation for the rotors via the turbines. The artillery is still on the drawing board and waiting for ATF and FAA approval. Most of the avionics have been installed.

Funny though she’ll still fly now. Even if it is an open cockpit.

In closing, hey Becky, I’m here ready and waiting and willing. Its your call.

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