Tuesday, June 19, 2012

As always struck a dead end on the Internet

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Just for crap and giggles, I did a search to see what a few others thought or that maybe some smart geek might have answered the question, but as usual, nothing.

The question was, With today’s advanced(so called) Technology, could the Lady as she was called aka the AirWolf, be constructed for real?

While I along with the rest of the AyreWolvez wrestle with this in the attempt, hey it takes lots of paper work, long hours and multitudes of Federal Agency involvement, which as anyone knows takes months even years.

That said, So I searched and searched, nothing.

However beyond the search here, tried to post an event on FaceFart and couldn’t, so I put up my thoughts of Mark Zuckerburgs creation, and why I’d love an alternative. And no MySpace tweren’t none better.

My next question is, has the Internet hit the bricks? Is this the demise of a thing that was a fad? Or is there still hope that better heads get-er-in-gear, so that there is a deeper creation called maybe smartnet or intelernet. In essence intelligent Internet, that REALLY has answers.

About the only Internet player worth a dang even though many call it old skool now days, is Google. My Gmail gets delivered, My YouTube music perfect as long as I have a stable Internet connection, and Thank Kahless, Blogger. Which has kept ya’ll informed on our doings since 2006 of all things Hazzard Knytes, Knytes-of-Anarchy, and us here in the AyreWolvez.

Sure FaceFart is all the rage but it’s the same stuff on my timeline or my page every damn day. Shit Mark have the forking thing at least recycle, and refresh once a day.

Seems as though once I read all I need to, I’m done.

Yet many people check their FaceBook account several times a day. Course that’ll come to a screeching halt as soon as Verizon implements their new rate plans, and prices. The word is no unlimited minutes especially on data aka internet via smart-phones. If Verizon goes this way expect the rest of the cell carriers to follow. But getting back how about a better Internet, and search engines that really have answers.

It’s my bed time.

More Wednesday, on mental health so called professionals.

L8R Ya’ll

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