Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Have you ever?


Have you ever saw or seen FoX-35 News at 9? More over KPVI News?

If you have the newscast features newscasters that seem like real greenhorns that need much more studio time b4 becoming even a reporter.

Of all the TV stations I have seen and I have seen em all , almost this one seriously needs to be sold, and put in the hands of someone that truly could raise it above the bar instead of it crawling around in the swamp like they currently are.

Now to be fair I know finding on air people is at best a by luck, and a crap shoot, but hey can’t they at least try? I mean both Fox Affiliates of KPVI are going bye bye soon as revenues have not allowed FoX –35 to be FoX any more.

But hey again, I say don’t give up.

You’d think that by now that as much as I bitch about broadcast and media that I’d suggest a solution. I have, done on more than one occasion and even offered up the clubs finances to make it happen.

A Vo-Tech broadcast basics school, either through CSI(College-of-Southern-Idaho) or off campus at say Knytes Hall, home of KDXB FM. But can I get the collective help from those others in the broadcast space here? Nope.

One of the attractions that I looked at when considering the re-entry into Idaho by our club and the company at least for the media part, was that once upon a time Boise State University through some prompting by the club had an active Vo-tech broadcast course. Some how that got canned due to lack of funds, but not for the lack of want.

I watch KPVI’s FoX 35 for one reason. Doug Iverson, Who does the weather. Reason? He’s right on, watch for a Boise station or Utah station to coax him away from KPVI.

So what’s the gripe? There’s one reporter named Logan McDougal. Who acts like he is depressed or certainly needs to go take a serious dump somewhere. Logan is not the only one that has been in this way.

Scott Evans of KTVB News had this problem. He just did not look happy in his job, needed a serious bowl movement and inspiration. Now however KTVB has this new seatcover Andrea Lutz,

Andrea Lutz 

that always has a near smile on her face, and in a crisis or interview would be one you’d be happy to spill your guts out to. That said she would be one I’d bring to Confederate Star TV . Her delivery and presentation is more than professional, its likable. Watch her push a few anchor or two out of the way, more over watch her be on network TV soon. Kim Fields is also a star up at KTVB and I look forward to weekend Newscasts on KTVB since she anchors it. But with these two is that all there could be in Idaho? More likely so. While it would be really difficult to find talent in Idaho to do our wyld cat style TV , or like we are planning Hot Leg Weather, Since we can’t do NakedNews , we’re looking at something close, but even so can we get it together Idaho?

Young people, locals I talk to every day thank us for being the spice in a buffet of bland media here. But does it just need to be us? KTVB I’ll bet catches revenue more than our $500,000.00 a month billing, but yet we can command some great help , mostly from our HQ in Utah and sub-station in Rock Springs Wyoming, but damn other media providers(TV Stations) need to get their crap together.

To KPVI, although I have yet to get an email from Ms. Goings over there in Pocatello, any time they want to sell off FoX-35 or what it ends up to be, SAMCRO MC Idaho is a ready and willing buyer.

So I ask again, have you ever?

Until daybreak

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