Sunday, June 17, 2012

What Up?

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Many of the Wolf-Pack of the AyreWolvez have been howling about the lack of attention I have been giving to the cause of flying, that I been doing more Hazzard County and less Ayre. Fact is, things are in such a condition that I couldn’t do much as far as things Ayre if I wanted to. Money just not there.

But that don’t mean not doing anything. Reasons vary here, but I was recently advised about another warbird style group called Magic Valley Warbirds. While having a few allies is grand, still I don’t really want to compete or allow our legacy to decay or be forgotten.

Considering all that has occurred to bring us to this destination, moreover the foundation construction of what is and continues to be the one military aircraft enthusiasts organization whose members truly went to battle in much of what we restore and fly.

If you also look at past operations, as simple as our radio network of same.

Once we dropped it after it was just getting on the hot tarmac, somebody back east built what we had in mind. True it’s a would've could've should've, thing but if we dump things now, trust me there are hungry sharks ready to take a real byte out of the AyreWolvez, The Knytes-of-Anarchy, and destroy much of what we built on so many years ago, and I’m not ready to see our club, our members, and not only mine, but my mom & dads sweat and blood, moreover dignity and all go into the manure pile, just because, of a albeit serious, but temporary cash flow problem.

Bottom line we will get there.

As I close , its good to be back on the Ayre.




L8R Aviators,


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