Friday, June 22, 2012

These Wolvez never run

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I laugh almost at those that find themselves going under and all, when we in Both the AyreWolvez and the Knytes, told em so.

Of all the organizations that truly carry the weight of restoring southern liberty , in fact liberty in its original definition, is the Knytes-of-Anarchy. Not the Sons Of Confederate Veterans, who tell you , you are a member but then refuses to acknowledge that membership. When the so called officers tell someone to run with the ball, but the call em on a flag play, I ask em just one question, Does the letters F-O mean anything to you?

The fact is, since 1974 the Knytes-of-Anarchy has been fighting for and maintaining southern liberty, confederate ideals, and the restoration of a nation under Dixie.

But such organizations like SOCV, and others feel threatened and now feels it needed to pester us. He once upon a time I thought the SOCV wanted an affiliation with the Knytes, some stoner in NC by the aka, Stephen Monk, said so. But guess what, he was full of shit.

Any wonder?

Any time, you can’t get a return on a phone call, or email, even though YOU know they should ought to be in the office , you know your involvement is not welcome, or wanted and your not what they want as a member.

Thing is, why can’t they just tell you that?

Oh by the way, where was the SOCV, when the Knytes spent nights on the grounds of Idaho’s state capitol flying ALL of the southern flags, looking to get the Confederate National Party(Now the Confederate States Party) on the books of Idaho state as a political party. That a person can truly run on and get elected to or on . But guess what, one month b4 the 2008 elections, the CSP was on the state of Idaho's ballots. But where was the SOCV. Then thought we had a good thing going with Dixie Broadcasting East Inc. But for some reason and I think it has to be that our methods are a bit too racy or something , but ole Ray McBerry decides to disavow involvement with the Knytes.

The thing is, The Knytes-of-Anarchy, are real people with southern blood running through our veins. We saw the horrors , we felt the lies of the carpet baggers and scalawags of the so called Reconstruction, And yet I get a snooper once in awhile that creeps up on my Facebook page. Thing is a friendship is really not what he or they want, the real thing? they want to poor lemon juice on a paper cut. Thing is even though a few months ago we stumbled, we took the lemons and made lemonade.

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