Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sweet Tastes Foul


Have ya’ll ever noticed that if ya’ll haven’t hit the shower in a spell, and all that areas like your crotch(or hers) smells sweet, yet ayre sense tells you that if tasted it’d taste foul. Kinda like ammonia. It’s like when your making inquiries on properties and the deal smells good, yet the hairs on you neck start standing up and ya’ll and you know the real under taste is going to be foul. Like the time, I began investigating coming over here to the Burley area. Looked at a shop, that a guy who was doing up a Taxi cab company, and all wanted. We by handshake struck a bargain, I thought. Yet when I put the guy to the test he failed, cept I was already committed to Burley area. Guess what fellow Wolvez, the bastard is 8 feet under.

Not saying it was the club, and although not directed to by me, but hey, if you poke at the Wolf, your going to get bit. Mysterious things happen to those who piss off us in the AyreWolvez or the Knytes-of-Anarchy.

Then there is the blind fartknocker thinking it funny to cause me grief over the West Main place. The place DID NOT SELL, is still up for grabs, but that said, the old prick, is going to find being blind don’t give him a free pass. Watch and see if we don’t have that by October.

An EasyRiders for warbirds, and military aviation enthusiasts .

If blamed for, or accused of, why not do? So be it.

While one can’t advertise for this, still, I was noticing that in looking up my photo gallery that the pics were getting slim. Then looking at my EasyRiders, In the Wind, And VTwin, amongst others I got to thinking, what about doing up such a pub, for us into warbirds?

Wont get into deets here, but know this I think the concept is brill.

More money in the cash box,

That in the next entry

L8R Aviators.