Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Same Shit Different Day

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06/20/2012 16:27

Its not uncommon to find that just about everything in the shallow minded community of Burley or purtty much all lower valley towns in Idaho, to be the Same Shit Different Day.

There is not a following of cultural arts such as acting theater, or the like. What dance things are going is limited to small and I mean near toddlers in Ballet , not hip hop sock hop production quality dancing.

Of course the area is built that way. As one of my crew the big thing here is sitting on the front porch watching the cars rust.

Its not going to change, and the more change you force the more the resistance there is.

While certain areas of Idaho have pulled their heads out of their ass, and encouraged growth one also has to look at the economic stabilizers. In Idaho Falls and Blackfoot the areas are booming. A Micro processor and energy products factory opened there 5 years ago, means great jobs, so discretionary income is greater this means more spending again creating more jobs.

Idaho Falls, same thing plus having a nuke plant out their back door is a plus.

But that area has the same sickness. Anything not meeting the LDS seal of approval, is not going to roll.

Hell we were damn lucky to get an exotic dance bar approved in Rigby.

Then of course there is Boise.

State Capitol, so much of the infrastructure is geared around that, industries that support those doing battle on the legislative floor, get top nods from city fathers.

Likewise aviation, and near government industries are the key builders.

Boise is also a place where recreation and cultural arts abound in Idaho.

But once you pass the 71 mile stick south on I-84, the rural, as I say it no go Idaho is the rule the people just do not want, nor will they give green lights to anything new even if it would help keep kids in their college and later lives here.

To most, kids here are born, go to school, go to college, get hitched but just go away.

When they reach retirement age then maybe and I stress maybe they come back.

So you ask why the hell am I and SAMCRO here?

That in my next edition , its dinner time.

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In this world, it is not what we take up, but what we give up, that makes us rich.
--Henry Ward Beecher
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