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At the end of another day for me and the start of another day for some of ya’ll I get to reflecting on the trials and tribulations of the day and of life.

I carved out a blog earlier about MS. Kinghornr up Boise way.

I want to clear something up right now. At the time there was nothing more than a business, professional relationship there. But there was also some hidden chemistry that if it’d been a fire kindled would have became a raging inferno. It didn’t happen. So it goes.

However, when it comes to relationships in business and all the one I had with Ellie May our Nurse GoodBody, if I had’ve had my choice, Ellie May would have been the one.

See the difference was purtty simple. No matter the obstacle or request Ellie May went at it with full vigor and commitment. When Ellie May first called me, I said wear nylon hose, for the audition. Ellie May didn’t ask 800 questions or anything, she just asked , Pantyhose or stockings? Period. There was no farting around. When I went for the toew kiss, there wasn’t again, 800 questions, she just peeled off the boots, and went for it. And of course the deal with LexiBelle. Ellie May helped there as well as helped me connect with people that could assist me in some health situations.

Sure Ms. Kinghornr helped me with the Dentist with TV on the ceiling, but Ellie May , made sure I was taken care of, and we remain very good friends even today, and there is nothing on Earth in fact I’d move Heaven and earth for her if she wanted me too.

To tell the truth , if some busy body hadn’t turned her head around, what we started there in Gooding could be easy $200K a month today.

Back east there is a site called Warbird Radio, likewise one in Georgia called Dixie Broadcasting, both took off shortly after we shut down. I know both owners of those sites and I salute them both for what they have done, but think, if HazzardAyre Radio then had been launched on time as planned, the results would have been 800% more than either Warbird Radio or Dixie Broadcasting Inc..

If you add the flavor of a radio show or two, with the spice of a bikers radio show only for those into military aviation as well as all things both Confederate and all , plus the being on the threshold of going nationwide TV on RFDTV, I’ll dang near could guarantee half a million bucks a month easy. But hey the disbelievers bailed.

That said, even though Ellie May and I are no longer business associates we are friends, and she knows I’m a phone call away should she need anything I got. Ellie May, didn’t just throw me away like Ms. Kinghornr did.

That said, if Becky would even today put out the Welcome sign, I’d consider it. The truth here is though, when it comes to both Ellie May and/or Becky, when I get an email from Ellie May its in true friendship. When I get an email from Becky, its Becky wanting me to buy something.

So no, there is no dream of Becky and I ever getting personal, on the flip side with Ellie May, there is that dream.

Remember dreams are wishes your heart makes.

Next time Shake it Up comes to Idaho.

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