Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Northern Union Yankees can’t be trusted and are too stupid.


Every once in awhile I meet up with a condition of things that goes like this.

People of little brain, hears but seldom listens.

Case in point.

We here at HazzardAyre Radio/Confederate Star Media, have been in this radio media business since 1975. The fact that we were kicking the tires of a local AM here in Mini Cassia was one thing, BUT NOT THE ONLY THING. KDXB FM Burley, and KTOW Buhl, are our already stations. Not that of anybody else including the people who are current owners of the local AM here in Rupert.

The sale of that to us was very maybe at best. But still KDXB and KTOW will go on as they have for 39 years, being rebel confederate Hazzard County style radio. Owned by us in the Knytes Of Anarchy and ran by us here in the Knytes-of-Anarchy.

Just because a few women got their feathers ruffled because they did not have the moxy, to be part of our on air staff, they go call Kim. I say this and will say this, Kim’s dinky AM that is loosing money, and audience and us here at KDXB which is increasing in audience and advertisers are two different firms, and should not be confused as being one in the same.

Yet just because people hear does not mean they listen.

Jesus taught this as well. Just because someone listens does not mean they hear, just because they look, does not mean they see.

As far as being deterred, here, not in the slightest.

I can remember back to mid 1984 somewhere.

Kim’s family was in talks with us then about a station op. We were happy as could be. But in the end they backed out, since we were not the Book Of Mormon carrying illustrious royalty. We were then and continue to be the very much anti establishment rebels with a cause radio and all things media power that neither Kim, Lee Broadcasting or any part of it, can compete or even get to a handshake of us here at HazzardAyre.

Just like our printed version of HazzardAyre News.

At first we went to both the local newspapers wanting to join forces. They said no, again because we are too much the radical rebels we are. So what happened? We did it ourselves, and are the only paid subscription newspaper with the Confederate look in Mini Cassia, and all of Idaho.

But the thing is, Yankees being stupid, must be held by the hand and led and a picture drawn, to get em to understand. And even then its not always possible.

But then considering Yankees, Lincoln didn’t play square with us Confederates the first time around, why should now be any different?

I read in the paper about the Super Tuesday thing.

Do you realize, that just about every place in Idaho has a polling place for Super Tuesday, but not the Mini Cassia area?

Even Gooding and even Hazzard has a Republican polling place, where one can vote for the caucuses. But not Burley, Rupert or Heyburn.

Question needs to be asked, why?

More on what makes things as HazzardAyre different later.

HazzardAyre TV is coming. This is no surprise.

If many of you kept track on HazzardAyre both blog and radio. You know that three years ago, our media arm of the Knytes-of-Anarchy , Confederate-Star Media, undertook the feeling out the operation of building Idaho’s first independent, truly independent TV station.

Built on the same thresholds as HazzardAyre Radio.

A TV station and developing into a satellite/cable TV network, of independent TV shows that are good for family viewing.

Things like B.J. & The Bear, Airwolf, and so on.

Valued westerns, as well as Southern Heritage speeches and lectures.

So in closing. KBAR and Kim Lee/Lee Family Broadcasting is not us, nor are we them.

The purchase of KBAR is a big maybe.

That said the battle goes on for KDXB FM 105.3 Burley, and KTOW FM 105.7 Buhl. OUr stations not Kim’s.

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