Saturday, March 17, 2012

Ah what the hell


Good morning ya’ll, I’m up getting ready to fly out to the air show in Saint George Utah.

Saw that the weather will be somewhat unsettled for the show, which could curtail some of the air demos there including the Blue Angels that will be there.

Heard tell one of the General Authorities of the LDS Church an ex combat aviator during WWII, from somewhere in the eastern Soviet Block nations then now American,will be there.

So I’m frying spam, and eggs, and getting my flight plan filed.

Watched AirWolf on HuLu , which is the only place it seems that one can watch it now. RTV did themselves no favors dropping that show or BlackSheep Squadron.

RTV’s programmers must be communists or something, but what the hell.

Which brings me to a early morning think tank question.

Even though its just days away from hitting the afterburner for KDXB in Burley and all, I got to thinking. There is a ton and a half of great TV shows even movies that the fat swine in the big three broadcast networks, and a few others ignore.

From BlackSheep Squadron to B.J. & The Bear, Movin On, and only a tad bit on HeeHaw.

So got to thinking, like so many other things, if others wont do it why don’t we?

Sure, the FCC has put a hold on new OTA TV stations, but that don’t mean a good IPTV station couldn’t be put up. Add to that, if you live in our area of the Mini Cassia or Magic Valley area of Idaho, Cable One, has one channel of ch-5 open, that has not been accessed for nearly 4 years. KMVT’s CH –18 Mexican Canal went dark although that remains to be seen if the damn thing just got pulled or is having tech difficulties.

The fact is, TV any more is going into the pits. First hit on the head by a crappy economy, then a Hollywood Writers Strike that brought in Reality and little to no script TV.

When the best on both cable as well as broadcast TV, is the Disney channel, and CMT for only the Dukes, its time that someone, do some thing. Or TV is going to go to the swine.

So with that in mind, and going to the beasts belly, I thought get into the idea of a planning meeting to discuss, us getting into the IPTV and cable/satellite TV business. Show em what their missing, and maybe set the bar for area , even regional TV stations to at least come to point.

Put HazzardAyre TV into 2nd gear , and put up a TV network, that provided TV that others can’t, wont , or don’t.

Dig this; when the best news coverage by far is KSL out of SLC, for most who have cable. The rest of Idaho’s news teams sucks.

KTVB ‘s sub-station, KPVI’s Sub-Station(Fox-35) , the one out of Boise/ Nampa KIVI and sub station KSAW TF, can’t hold their signal so what do you do?

Da Wolf used to tell me as a Wolf-Pup, that if it ain’t broken , no need to fix it. Problem is, it is broken, and it needs fixed.

Why should I care? Simple, I come from an era that lived our lives around Television. From Ed Sullivan as a kid, to Star Trek TOS, to Batman TOS, all the way to our beloved AirWolf and Dukes-of-Hazzard, my butt at certain times was in front of a TV.

When VCR’s came out, we got a Sony Betamax, and although somewhat snowy, had that old Betamax programmed to certain shows so I’d never be without them. Course came both VHS the DVD’s and getting Betamax tapes, done on DVD is like finding lost air craft carriers in the Pacific.

So why not do what the others don’t? Let’s shift in gear here and get HazzardAyre on TV.

I’m going to the next Burley city council and Cassia County Commissioners meetings , and seeing, if they’d be interested in rolling out with us on this via a cable access channel for Mini Cassia. Where those who can’t go to city council, meetings can at least watch. Likewise County commissioners meetings. Among that other ideas I’d like to roll off their minds. Thing is, Channel 17 on Cable One is Twin Falls’ cable access channel, but if you don’t live in Twin Falls, you don’t care. Why not show what’s up in Burley, Paul, Heyburn, Rupert, and Declo? Still connected to cable but slaved to watching Twin Falls’ city government.

They were looking at doing something online, too, for that, but thing is the city already gets cable franchise fee’s for such things as a cable access channel or government channel, why not use it?

Finally, there will be a planning meeting on Tuesday not only for this project, but to plan out the AyreWolvez AyreShow for 2013.

We can do this, but we need to get busy.

Need sleep to fly to Saint George.

See all there,

L8R Aviators,

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