Monday, March 5, 2012

Can We use the C-Word now too?


This is NOT the deadliest thing to man>>>>2007-3-16_0-59-1-826 Nor this>> M1A1-Bagdad-RunningOver 

or this:left

No the most deadliest thing known to man is this:vulva_61_context This:imagesCAL18EXL

Has started so many wars, not to mention bar fights that its unbelievable.

The source of birth , is also the cause of military and other conflicts.

This:PictureVulva_png_638x999_q85 causes more problems and yet should be a place of comfort.

But to no avail.

The situation rose its head this past week as more flack from radio talent Rush Limbaugh comes in from what he said about that law student, being a slut and prostitute.

Shit, who cares if she’s a prostitute, most in the law business are whores and prostitutes and attorney share in the same thing. Charge a bunch of money for services rendered and in both cases, few are fully satisfied with the results. Be it legal as in attorney, or the other.

But the fat is not all of it.

Did you hear that thanks to the FCC remapping everything in broadcasting trying to gather spectrum, they once again moved the dividing line of the US, to where all of Texas is on the east required to have a W in front or beginning of call letters, and K in front of all, this side of Louisiana .

Now how do these things get together?

Radio station WUNT(want FM) now has to change their call letters to, (yep you got it?) KUNT.

I’ll bet that’ll be a hoot. Watch CNN, and others have a field day with this story.

Thing is, will they be able to use the C-(CUNT) word to describe the pronunciation of the call letters?

After all, it wasn’t too long ago that words like penus , vagina, clitoris , and others could not be spoken. Even in a medical story the bare breasts of a woman could not be shown in relation to breast cancer.

Yet today , those words are spoken freely even beyond that of which it was intended.

The decency laws got thrown out years ago, thankfully.

Call it what it is.

Slang terms, like pussy, imagesCAL18EXL slushbox

which used to describe a automatic tranny in GM cars in the late 50’s, and other terms have been used in not so nice or proper ways, to describe that place that us male corpuscles spend 10 months getting out of, and the rest of our lives trying to get back in.

With all this about Rush Limbaugh.

Why hasn’t somebody, even EIB / Rush himself, put up on YouTube or elsewhere , exactly what he said, in essence a repeat of that show segment. Number two, showed his apology?

All it is, is editorial.

I’d like to hear what was said in its context.

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