Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Just chillin


Today just chillin here at the Rode House. With overcast skies and weather not very friendly to flyin decided to kick back grab my mug , and groove to tunes.

What tunes? You ask? Radio Disney, of all things. Course my style of Radio Disney might not be what old Walt decided would be keen and kleen , but who cares? I mix up my faves from YouTube and Radio Disney on tape then just play em all together. It’s a groovy playlist.

Do you think FaceBook will ever get it together? Of course I know FaceBook is huge, but I think growth has overloaded their abilities.

Example, friend of mine posted his astrological horoscope , so I thought I’d throw mine up. See if an Aquarius and a Taurus could get somewhat on the same page. So muddled through this bunch of pop up bullshit. Still never got mine posted. But do we need all these pop ups? Shit its like old ISDN Internet revisited.

Okay I know everyone needs to make a living, but these pop ups contain spyware and malware that I don’t like feeding into my NEW computer.

YouTube is no stranger to this either. You go to YouTube to cruise out on your fave tunes and you get commercials.

Yes I know the commercials keep YouTube etc free, but damn Sam, its overkill.

Then had a dream over Zendaya ,images for those not hip here, Zendaya is the gal who plays Rockie on the Disney Channel’s show Shake It Up. The gal is 15 for shit sake. What was I thinking. Oh the dream was innocent enough, but was it that I had watched a days worth of Shake It Up, that imprinted that image on my brain’s cpu, to where I dreamed that dream, or is it something else?

Now to add salt here. Once up, KDXB AM 10/90 will be Idaho’s only, I MEAN ONLY!!! Radio Disney Radio station.

You can find the new studio where HCC

HCC LOGO DASH is at , @ 321 West main in Burley, next to the Main Street Grill.

Now if we can just find some sweet cheeks like these chicsDebby Ryan Zendaya Coleman Forever 21 VIP PIIVO9yxtHRl or bella-thorne-zendaya-radio-disney Then our job is groovy gravy.

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