Saturday, March 3, 2012

Holy Questions and results from babe interview.


Call this the morning after. Although its far from morning as I’m carving this out.

As I along with the few members of the Knytes’ religious order the Amalgamated Church of Dixie, respects and observes Saturday as the Sabbath Day.

While popular mainstream religions from both popularity sake and political correctness observes Sunday as the Sabbath Day.

The Amalgamated Church of Dixie was first envisioned in the late 1990’s by the club as with so many religions becoming corrupt, and as in the belief of so proclaimed by the Mormons Joseph Smith was in search of a true church, I sort of got the inclination that all churches especially the Mormons becoming more of a corporation rather than a way to learn and follow our savior Jesus Christ, and Catholics especially preachers and authorities from both groups being other than trustworthy and abusing children and youth, of their orders that I needed to find some sort of island to settle on to save my own soul.

In 1998 the officers of The Knytes met in secret in the cavern of the Skull Valley Indian Reservation in western Tooele County Utah, and in a sweat lodge and said since there is none lets as usual create the correct and orderly path for others especially our own to follow to find Jesus, and our Heavenly Father.

Originally called the House of Kahless, the idea was right, but few outside of the Knytes would understand what that meant. So a name was needed that many could wrap their tired and confused minds around.

Enter the Dukes-of-Hazzard, once again.

In one episode there was a scene where a bile salesman trying to find Boss Hogg, presented a business card, that read Bible sales, The Amalgamated Church of Dixie. Sounded good so we formed that.

Observing many fabled Klingon, and dedicated bible teachings, including observing Saturday as the Sabbath Day.

Of that such extensions of our church as the Honor Guard, Blood ceremony for club unification and acceptance, the Rights of Ascension, Right of Passage and other practices are today followed.

Okay enuff of Church, moving on to the last night’s Ladies of the Knytes interview, of the new pledges for the ladies of our club, those that do our visual promotions etc.

Three showed. One was absent due to family matters.

First the boyfriend of one flipped out, then the other was too reserved and I really never got a chance to get to know the pledges.

So There is another audition interview set for next Sunday. Let ya’ll know what shakes.

I do not , although it’d be nice , but I do not really expect that any of the new pledges will thrust forth their toes in hose for me to kiss in the intimate expression of absolute trust as Ellie May, Emme or Robin(Miss Dixie Diesel 1993) did, but we’ll see if I can accomplish this, without 20 questions or interruptions by boy friends or the pledges themselves.

of course Last night was cumbered by, the one gals car puking over at Loves Truck Stop, and so on.

Although with the troublesome boyfriend being the one in the car broke down meant he was stuck there at Love’s for a time to where I could interview the pledges without interruption.

Next week its all the female pledges alone with me then one at a time.

While the instinct of guy pals of women is to protect and guard women, still in the respect of club tradition and honor, Guy pals sit it out.

So next weeks get together will the truth meeting. At least with the pledges.

Until Sunday,

That’s it for KnyteAyre.

L8R Ya’ll


Quote of the Day:
He is poor who does not feel content.
--Japanese proverb
Isaiah 55:8-9““For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” declares the LORD. “As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.”

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