Monday, March 12, 2012

Even if they didn’t B4 they might now.


Even if a law or regulation never was applied b4, now they just might.

Example, City of Heyburn sezz no business license required. Yet you move in, working up a none military but military related OTA (Over the Air) Radio station, now they want You to buy a business license.

There’s always two rules of thought here.

First , small towns need green right now. Beyond the factors of traffic violations that seem to be plenty, especially in such rural Idaho towns as Rupert , that seem to think that everyone they don’t know is a suspect of something. Do the slightest thing, have the slightest sliver of a probable cause, and you will get stopped. You’ll get out of it of course , if you have nothing that is wrong, but fact is, YOU WILL get STOPPED.

Heyburn isn’t as bad, but bad enough.

Of course apply a new kind of enterprise and they are all over your butt.

I remember this in downtown CokeVille Wyoming several years ago.

Got there, went through every damn step, from putting out b4 we even got a sniff of income, and even though approved, it was twenty questions and the providing of our pedigree, but my, all this for a tiny town.

And its you bringing them something they need.

The only reason that fell on its ass was simple unknown misunderstood paranoia of simple words. That’s it, words that look, and sound alike yet mean something totally different. In context. Example, back then it was all Highway Hooker Radio, and a blog elsewhere that covered things of a towing nature, yet the word Hooker alarmed the public officials along with a few local higher than they think almighty, citizens.

Just like the words TOE and TOW spelled slightly different, means two different things. Not any big alarms. Then of course there was several factors that didn’t do us any good, naming a diesel repair shop as the Cat (Cat Diesel) House coupled with Hooker, okjay, but damn Sam, taking the concept too far was my thoughts. Then of course was the undercover Fed that went up there trying to bust the club through me. Didn’t do em a bit of good, but damn they tried.

But considering out of 506 people only 6 being none LDS , something off the wall as a high octane truckers radio station, with a name like Highway Hooker was just not going to go there.

While some things may seem out of joint, do not judge B4 you sniff and root it out. Some of my best customers have came that way. Sure smoking something out from being a bit devious might be a bit of traditional Hazzard County shuck & jive, but never vicious . Once you get to know what and who it is, you might find that the who or what might just be a good customer, either tow or air freight. Just because the name or immediate appearance might be a bit squirrely don’t mean its evil. Just something catchy.

I hear and see on all kinds of programs, even those directed to youth on the Disney Channel and others to be more ethnically tolerant. Yet in our adult society, many pre judge at that which they don’t fully know or understand.

Another example, you might just set a record.

Example. In 2002 the AyreCrew AYRECREW ayrewolvez banner

wanted a place to call our own to let off steam, grab brew and grub and watch sports events, like NASCAR races.

A place opened up in nearby Morgan City, at the fringe or impact area of Morgan City. So we went to the powers that be and were nearly awarded our permit, and license, yet to the suggestion of some seatcover, an investigation into what it would take to have exotic dancers at the place was undertaken. Upon research found that Morgan City had no regulations regarding exotic erotic dancers. Nothing against it, so we were awarded not only a business license. The only objection came from some self righteous newspaper editor there that was too LDS for his own good. Who trued to have us squished b4 we got the thing off the tarmac. Didn’t help him a damn bit. We got the support of one of the more well to do community leaders there, only because I was renting shop space, but fact is, in the fall of 2002 , Cooter’s Bar & Grill opened for business in downtown Morgan Utah.

The difference was simply that Morgan was not out on a witch hunt, and Cokeville, was. Just like Glenn's Ferry and Mountain Home was, yet communities surrounding those welcomed someone that was eager to do some kick ass business.

Then of course we have the Tragic Valley.

I still for the life of me, do not know about why or what made the new pledges for the Ladies of the Knytes, scamper, maybe it was springing the toe kiss thing on em too soon, perhaps it was the skirt, hose, heels thing too soon, or maybe the decency thing too soon. Who knows. The idea that they had to meet here at the Wolf’s Den/Rode-House instead of the new place, which we now have for better or worse, but it was for their comfort. Shit where would they sit at the new office/shop? In saw dust? Did they come over a second time to go look at the new digs? No. Did they take it out for a test drive? No. They shit canned the gig, as well as tarnish an already fragile relationship between the club, Myself and Kim Lee one of my associates. Did they torpedo an opportunity for themselves and cost me $250.00 $180.00 for two tows plus one that had mileage on the tow? Yes. But why? Thing was, here is a job, that any gal worth her salt could work part time, especially going to school or having a job in the fast food or housekeeping or similar service industry. Make serious cash every other weekend in the area of $1,000.00 . And it be legal. Yet I get trampled on? Bullshit.

I think they might live to regret the condition of the situation. But who cares? One can get model talent from Utah.

Again, if I get even one bit of noise from the local business community or city fathers about us hiring out of area and out of state, all I’m going to do is say, hey we tried.

Any mile, b4 I go wanted to udder this.

The blogs here except for a bit of editing to fit print.

Are the scripts I use on air on my OTA shows.

The only Western delivered XM/Sirius Radio shows.

That in My next entry.

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