Friday, December 30, 2011

WyldAyre Daybreak 1

WYLDAYRE DAYBREAK HEADER Welcome to WyldAyre DayBreak for Friday the 30th of December 2011.

One more damn day until the end of one hell of a year.

Both myself and the club, are looking to a brighter year in 2012, in the hopes that we’ll get rid of that N, in the White House, out of the White-House. I’m leaning towards Ron Paul, mostly because he was the candidate that the CNP supported last election. Just about and I hope it ain’t no damn Yankee, but just about anyone would be better than what we have now. Heck that Randy Weaver that the Feds off’d a few years ago would be a good leader. Think that kind of thing can’t happen at the lower end of the scale? Think again, shit I hit head on that kind of crap back in 86. It was an election in Power County Idaho, the Sheriff was running unopposed. So for shits and giggles, I filed and threw my name into the mix. Not thinking that I’d truly get elected but to shake up the status quo sort of. I had joked one night at some damn T stop there just outside of American Falls that I was considering a good friend I had on the department as my under-Sheriff and so on.

I suppose the local tin star there thought nothing of it, until I shot a TV ad for the shop, where Anderson’s Body & Glass is now.

Had been in SLC undergoing meetings on my reup, in the Marines. Came to the shop to do some fix it up on my VW pickup, and got popped for, and ya’ll are going to laugh at this, but got popped, for Impersonating a Cop. Got locked up until just after Monday after the election.

Reason I got off? My attorney proved that on the night in question of somebody else harryassing some locals, playing fuzz, I was in SLC, the USMC confirmed it. But to add salt to this the Deputy I knew there in the PCSO as well as a dispatcher that is now a head cheef of Idaho’s Probation And Parole department all left shortly after my court date, since I had.

I should have sued that department up the wazz-zoo, but hell I went from Utah to Pensacola Fl, so who cared? Except the offense still shows up. Yet the USMC still turns a blind eye at it, as they know it was a political piece of shit deal. But am I looking into fixing the problem? Maybe some BIG $’s? Yes.

The only that would prevent me filing a suit? Money. I would settle the thing, but I want big $’s for the whole thing.

Keep ya’ll informed on that.

I have always been a person that believes in truth and honor above all. But dig this, there is a ad/psa running on the local all call media here, about joining the local volunteer fire departments. So I looked into it. Know what? Nope. If ya’ll want to call me I’ll tell ya’ll why, but here’s the thing, why not put a tag on that ad, that says something like , Certain restrictions apply , or something to that effect? Saves me time and them for me applying. Or how about, Don’t apply to small one horse town fire departments cuzz they might be too clannish, to clickish, to want outsiders. At least one would know not to waste time, fussing with em. Shit I’m on the scene of most automotive fires b4 many fire departments and have the fire out.

Think we don’t get action? Think again. That so called Free Credit Report . Com thing never put a disclaimer on their ads, until the Knytes started sqwaking to the Federal Trade Commission amongst other federal agencies. Guess what? Ya’ll see one on there now. Oh and yes ya’ll see it on all their ads.

More L8R today,

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Stuffed deer heads on walls are bad enough, but it's worse when they are wearing dark glasses and have streamers in their antlers because then you know they were enjoying themselves at a party when they were shot. - Ellen DeGeneres
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